Setting Goals & Reaching Goals for High School Teenagers


Setting Goals & Reaching Goals for High School Teenagers  

Goals are important to have. Not only is it important to set goals, but it is also very important to be able to achieve them. For high school students, setting goals can be very beneficial and even very crucial to their success and future. However, many students are not motivated and do not see setting goals as something that is necessary for them. Unfortunately, this could be very detrimental in many ways. Their grades could suffer, they could achieve low test scores, be turned down on college applications, and could even cause them to be rejected for employment. Basically, setting goals and meeting them is the gateway to success as an adult.

Getting Good Grades

Getting good grades is another goal that high school students should have. Not only will having good grades ensure that they get into a decent college or university, it will also ensure that they graduate high school on time. Receiving bad grades can have several repercussions. Receiving poor grades will mean that they cannot pass their classes and will have to repeat them either during summer school or the following school year. This can halt or slow their progress of not only graduating on time, but it can also cause them to have to have to put their plans for college or the rest of their future on hold. Making sure that they do their homework and study for tests are two ways that students can ensure that they will get good grades. Studying with a buddy or in a group setting is also a good way to get help with homework and to prepare for examinations. If a student is having difficulty with a particular subject, they may consider asking their teachers for help or hiring a private tutor. Academic learning centers can also help students who are struggling with their grades.

Taking the SAT and ACT Exams

Another important goal that high school students should have is to take the SAT and ACT exams. These two evaluation exams help to determine the success of getting into the college of their choice. The higher the SAT and ACT scores, the more chances that they have of getting into a top-rated university. Therefore, they should not only plan on taking these examinations but also make sure that they are adequately prepared for them so that they can score well. Taking a SAT and ACT prep course is a great way to successfully prepare for the exams. In addition, many high schools also offer test preparation for students.

Graduating High School

Graduating from high school is probably the most immediate goal that students should have for themselves. Unfortunately, many students do not even feel that graduating from high school is important. They think that is nothing more than a waste of their time. This is one of the many reasons why the high school dropout rate is so high. Students do not see that this is a necessary goal and do not see that it is something that should focus on achieving. However, without a high school diploma, many doors will not be open to them in the future.

Attending College

One important goal that all high school students should have is to attend college. Whether they plan on receiving a four-year degree or just going to a community college, attending college can benefit them in many ways. Employers consider potential employees who have attended college more often than they do those individuals who have not attended college. Many people feel that attending college will not make a difference on whether or not they receive employment in the future, but it does matter, students should make it a goal to attend college. Even better, they should make a goal to graduate and receive a degree.