Setting Unrealistically High Expectations


Children set extremely high expectations for themselves.  They want to be movie stars, baseball players, and tech gurus.  At some point these expectations… or dreams… are tempered with more “reasonable” ones.  This is the natural result of life.  There are ceilings and doors everywhere we go.  For the few who still set high expectation… society doesn’t like it.  Most articles go on about how setting goals shouldn’t revolve around numbers.  These articles denote a paradox.  If you set a goal and the goal has no teeth… then why set it?

I’ve always liked numbers.  They are a way to track your progress to your goal.  The concept of setting a goal and then achieving it… takes light of the daily work needed.  People are afraid to track numbers because they are real.  And they don’t lie.  Everything else is sort of BS.  If you goal is to read more books, without a hard number… at the end of the year you probably don’t know if you achieved it.  The same with everything in marketing.  The more numbers the better.

I like to set high goals because I hate failure.  This is multiplied by a team.  In a team… people can point fingers when things go wrong.  However, if the team fails it’s everyone’s fault.  And the composition of that team needs to be addressed.  If an individual is amazing then that’s great…  however the team failed… so moot point.

A strong team isn’t necessarily the best individuals.  I’ve always preferred working with people with similar interests.  My interest are very clear.  I want to make a software, market it, and sell it.  I can’t work with someone whose goals are to delay a project so they can collect a paycheck.  I’d much rather not have a job and be given back my time.

I rather work with a smart rival than a lazy friend.  With a smart rival you can predict their moves.  They will make you better because you make them better.  With a lazy friend… what’s the point.  If your objectives are not aligned… no amount of BS can save the project.

Numbers hold people accountable.  You either hit your number or you don’t.  As a team… you either hit a deadline or you don’t.  If you don’t hit it… tooth and nail.  Every goal I set for myself is based on some sort of arbitrary number.  I like it this way.  There’s no one more upset when I don’t hit the number I wanted… than myself.