Should You Hire an SEO Company or an In-House Specialist? 25 Reasons


Should You Hire an SEO Company or an In-House Specialist? 25 Reasons  

Every business in the modern era wants to succeed in digital marketing by embracing search engine optimization. However, it is a challenging process to make a decision either to hire an SEO Agency or an In-house Specialist to get excellent SEO services for your organization. Each of the above categories has pros and cons.

Some entrepreneurs opt to get the services of an SEO agency in the optimization of the business website while others go for In-house specialists. The article below evaluates each category and will give you detailed reasons that will help you in making a decision to consider hiring an SEO agency for your enterprise.

Reasons you should hire an SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO company is cheap

Hiring a qualified in-house expert can be costly. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an SEO agency with skilled individuals who will offer your search engine optimization services at reasonable prices.

You have a chance to get extensive knowledge

SEO requires skills for you to have an excellent website that will improve the ranking of your firm online. The SEO agency offers small enterprises digital marketing tips that enable them to compete effectively with other businesses.


SEO agencies work with varieties of companies and clients. The positive reviews they receive prove that their personnel has the required experience to optimize the website for your business. Their workers must deliver excellent work because they are mostly under the supervision of their managers.


SEO agencies hire qualified staff members with the necessary academic qualifications. Therefore, when you enquire for their services, they will guarantee you high-quality services.


SEO agencies are transparent in their service delivery. They will increase the ranking of your enterprise on different online platforms at an affordable price. Before the start of the contract, they will show you the charges for their services. These prices are affordable and favorable because they do not have any hidden charges.

Reliable for answering website and SEO-related questions

Numerous SEO agencies value the needs of their clients. Therefore, they are always ready to answer queries made by their customers.

Driven by results

For SEO agencies to win more clients, they must deliver high-quality services. Therefore, unlike the In-house specialists, they are results-driven. They have to achieve more for them to build an exceptional reputation that will enable them to win more customers in the future.

You can terminate the contract anytime

If the personnel of the SEO agency fails to deliver the expected results, you can fire them. You expect to get excellent services for your money. Therefore, there is a possibility of terminating the contract and hiring another firm if the initial one fails to deliver.

Long lasting results

If you hire a reliable SEO agency, there is a high likelihood that they will offer you permanent results that will bring a beneficial change to your business.

They make follow-ups

After the end of the contract, the SEO agencies make follow-ups to know how your website is progressing. It is because the results and satisfaction of the customers drive them rather than the customers’ money.

Educative tips

SEO agencies educate their clients on how to write engaging web content that will generate more traffic. They also guide them on how to manage the websites.


The confidentiality of the private information of your company’s website is essential. Reputable SEO agencies do not share your firm’s information with a third party when working on your site.

Saves time

Hiring an SEO agency saves more time than hiring an in-house specialist. The company may send more than one person to optimize your online site. These people will share duties and finish the tasks faster than an in-house expert.

You will get professional feedback

After the completion of the agreed tasks, the personnel at the SEO agency will provide your organization with professional feedback. The information will enable you to know the results.

You pay after getting appealing results

Unlike for the in-house specialist, you pay the whole amount to the SEO agency after completing the activities agreed. You will only pay if they offer the exact services they had promised before the contract commenced.

On the other hand, you may make a decision to hire an In-house SEO specialist. However, the advantages of hiring the SEO agency outweigh those of an In-house expert. Below are the few reasons why you should enquire for the services of an In-house SEO specialist.

Reasons why you should hire an In-house specialist

Fast communication

To work with an in-house specialist in SEO can be advantageous because you can communicate efficiently and agree on the time he or she will come to deliver the services. The agreement eliminates conflicting schedules.


The specialist can come at the workplace any time you call him or her. You just need to provide directions and agree on payment terms.

Building relationships 

Unlike with the agency personnel, you can build a perfect working relationship with an in-house specialist. It is advisable because he or she can help you on SEO-related things in the future.

Close explanation on the progress of your website

Mostly, you need to monitor the site closely to know how the ranking is progressing after optimization. An in-house SEO expert will show you everything about how to manage your online site. You will also get tips on how to generate more traffic.

Hiring the in-house SEO specialists has many demerits than hiring the SEO Agency. Below is a list of the disadvantages you are likely to encounter when you hire an in-house expert.

Reasons why you should not hire the In-house SEO specialist

They are more expensive than agencies

They charge their clients huge amounts of money than SEO companies. It may cause financial difficulties to small enterprises because it is like employing an entire company in one person. You will pay a lot of money.

Low-quality services

Some in-house experts do not have the required SEO skills. Therefore, when you hire them, they will offer you poor quality work that will not generate enough traffic.


Most the in-house SEO specialists are not reliable because they are independent and they do not follow strict schedules. Agencies work with a deadline. They must observe them to get paid in time. Some in-house experts even lie to their clients.

Money and not results-oriented

Unlike SEO agencies, the in-house specialists are not results-oriented. Their main aim is to finish the task promptly and receive money. Most of the time, they do not care about the results on your website after paying them.

Lack of enough skillset

Getting an in-house SEO expert with all the skills is hard. SEO entails a lot of things. Therefore, one individual will not be efficient. SEO agencies send a team of workers to work on your website. They help each other by sharing of ideas. It enhances excellent results.

Cannot handle time-consuming and bigger SEO problems

Unlike the SEO agency which has numerous skilled people, an in-house specialist cannot handle complicated and time-consuming problems. It may hinder the efficiency of your online ranking.

In conclusion, the above reasons prove that it is good to make a wise decision and hire the services of the SEO agency than an in-house SEO specialist. It will enable you to market your firm efficiently and drive more traffic online.