Small Business Tips This Week: Make Money with Pokémon


Small Business Tips This Week: Make Money with Pokémon

Pokémon Go has several benefits that you can enjoy. For businesses, it is an augment that can lure customers, promote sales and increase profits. If you run a small business, then Pokémon Go can help you make money through it. The game, although only two weeks old, requires users to walk down the streets, in search of Pokémon “animals” and areas referred to as the Pokéstops. Every location has various hidden items, which makes players visit them. In reality, the Pokéstops are either public joints or landmarks, and some of them use the status to market their products and services. An example includes the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which advertised its many stops in efforts to promote a discount on the parking places. You can also join the flow by using this game to generate extra profits for your business. The following are some of the tips you can use to use Pokémon to make money with your enterprise.

Learn from others

Using Pokémon Go to make extra cash is not a new development as some businesses use it, but you will need some guidelines the first time you adopt the idea. The best way to start is to follow the footstep of other establishments that use it for a similar purpose. One of the businesses you can learn from is the California’s coffee shop that offered to drop a “lure module” for anyone who purchases 15 drinks (via Eric Chu’s Facebook post). A lure module – an in-game feature that costs 100 pokécoins and lures Pokémon to a particular region for half an hour – attracts potential clients to your business. Learning from other enterprises gives a guideline on how to promote your business, but you should unique methods for your business to get the attention of Pokémon players. This approach is suitable for a new business that uses this game for the first time.

Hosting events

The secret to making money in Pokémon Go is to have a large customer base, which your business can get by luring many customers to your establishment. Hosting Pokémon ‘parties’ and ‘tournaments’ are one of the perfect ways of attracting players to your business or a location close to it.   Your company can still make money even when it is nearer to a Pokémon Gym than PokéStop if incentivize players to patronize it using the following strategy. Post an advert informing people that you plan to host a tournament, in which you will offer discounts to the winners of the gym battle. You will honor that promise on the competition day by giving the discount to the players who wins the contest to become gym leaders, provide they a proof of the gamer ID. This approach gives your business a perfect opportunity to grab the intense “Pokémon Go” competitions for your business. It also enables you to reach out to the other team members of the gyms leaders, meaning that you will have their teammates as potential customers. They are likely to visit your store again if they notice that you offer discounts.

Other Programs

Virtually, any measure that attracts many Pokémon Go players to your business is likely to help you make money as they will buy your products and services. Other Pokémon Go tips than can help your business make money include hosting a lure party, hosting a poke-hunt, and offering Pokémon Go deals on other social networks. Not only do these strategies help you expand your business’s customer base, but also allow you to make more money. In essence, the success of any of these strategies depends on your efforts.