Small Business Tips This Week: Make Money with Snapchat


Small Business Tips This Week: Make Money with Snapchat

Just like all the other social sites, Snapchat enables users to get in touch with each other. However, chatting is not the only benefit that you can get from this application. Snapchat can help boost the performance of your business in many ways, but the success rate of such activities depends on your efforts.  Besides business promotion, Snapchat can also help your enterprise expand its operations and earn more money.  Although achieving success may not prove an immediate outcome, some methods can help you secure a steady flow of income. The following are some of the practical tips that can help your business earn money through Snapchat.


Using Snapchat to post adverts about the products and services could prove to be the best way for your business. According to the studies of Adweek, Snapchat launched tool for expanding its advert platform with the introduction of several new features of the Snapchat business. With it, the rollouts of Snap Ads will appear between the Snapchat stories. Since the adverts are skippable, that will not become part of the ongoing stories themselves, but will cover the entire screen with a sound when those chatting finish one story to move to another.

In addition to that, business advertisements will receive their certification from the third-party agents, not just the administration of the Snapchat itself. The new feature will enable companies to choose extra actions when the users decide to access any business content. Your business can also benefit from this new development. For example, it can use these features to send adverts to a video link; direct them to different articles or websites; or use them to install another mobile application without quitting Snapchat.

The fact that some big companies use it to advertise their products means that you can also utilize it to improve the performance of your business. With it, Snapchat managed to lure some of the world’s test trading partners, such as the Paramount Pictures, Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures, Express, Warner Bros., and Verizon.

Using the Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has a pair of customized Geofilters that your business can utilize. They include the On-Demand Geofilters and the Sponsored Geofilters. The latter is the most expensive as it costs hundreds of thousands, where the previous goes for as little as $5 for the starting price. Just like the other features of Snapchat Business, geofilters work and will help your business earn money. Hootsuite became the first enterprise to use them after their February 2016 launch and reaped the rewards. In fact, the success even prompted it to demonstrate how to use Snapchat in generating a customized geofilter.

In general, they are a highly effective method of introducing a new business. When those chatting on the Snapchat in any region that interests take Snaps, they will the opportunity to select your Geofilter. They can use it in explaining why, where, and when they decided to take the Snap.


One of the latest developments in Snapchat is that it offers businesses the option to run their adverts with the help of the Creative Partners to create a business campaign. You can take your business towards that route to have this advertising agency help you reach out to many customers in a bid to boost the sales. The secret in using Snapchat to promote your business or increase revenues is that you evaluate your options. For example, using Creative Partners will cost your business not less than $40, yet you can use the Snap Ads Between Stories for a lower price. However, if you target high returns on your venture, then using the advert agencies is the best option.