So Much To Do… So Little Time


I’ll confess, yesterday was as unproductive as it gets.  In the morning I went to Wells Fargo to deposit a check.  The idea was to deposit the check and go straight to work.   Well… after being told no, yes, no, yes, no… until 12:30pm… I was unable to deposit the check.  I talked with 5 different people…  2 of them said yes… 3 of them said no.  In addition they were fixated on who made a past mistake than helping me.  And of course they stalled me until they figured it out.  The manager was incredibly disrespectful. I deposited two nearly identical checks…a few weeks ago, written to the same name and from the same company. One of the checks was for a larger amount and deposited at that exact Wells Fargo by a business manager I later saw (obviously I’m not going to open a business account there anymore).  Wells Fargo durdled around, investigating things that didn’t make sense.  I left when I realized they were going to keep saying no, yes, no, yes, no….  and wanted for whatever reason for me to be there.

This event stressed me out since I was not expecting to be there for that long.  I became pretty hungry while Wells Fargo durdled.  I got lunch at a Pho place and went to my local comic book store to buy some stuff I didn’t need.  I then went to Best Buy to buy Super Smash Brothers.  It’s an okay game.  And it was a work at home day…

After work, I hung out with some friends until late night (around 2am) and played video games until 4am.  It’s amazing how much time I can waste if I try hard.

Well I’ll hopefully have another post something tonight.  Here is the list of things I need to get started with:

  • Work at Home
  • Make 14 videos for hobby channel
  • Make 14 videos for marketing channel
  • Work on Website
  • Laundry
  • Social Media Management
  • Clean Home
  • Dishes
  • Lawn Work