Social Media Goals



At my old agency they never executed a project…. instead they spent a lot of time trying to make it perfect.  Here’s a hint… things aren’t perfect in real life.  And they don’t have to be.  It’s better to execute a semi-workable marketing campaign than nothing at all.  And that brings me to social media.  I’ve worked with several people whose job titles were social media or something like that.  In fact the reason I have my social media is because a “social media expert” told me I would never have as many followers as she does.  Well… I took that as a challenge and within 1 month had 4X the amount she did.  I now have more than 10X on that social platform than she does.  And I’ve long stopped caring about that social media platform.  On to the next one.

Which brings me to the argument I have with all my previous co-workers.  If you don’t have great social media yourself… how are you going to help a large company with their social media.  Honestly… I don’t put much effort into social media.  it’s a semi-hobby.  It’s not like my YouTube channels which I care a great deal about… although sometimes the quality is much lower than it should or could be.  Instagram is the social media I’m currently interested in….  Bithub and behance also provide interesting challenges.

Social media is largely about numbers.  How many likes, follows, etc is mostly public.  Therefore, in my opinion, it’s easy to figure out who is good and who is bad.  Representing a brand is different… but at the heart of it… it’s the same skill set.  As long as you are not muddying up the brand.  And that is why I love it so.  Social media isn’t an indicator for anything except how well you can do social media.

It may sound harsh… but I would never pay someone to do my social media who couldn’t do it for himself/herself.  It doesn’t take much time to upload post, to schedule on buffer, or to create “future” videos.  And it’s not hard.