Social Media is a Fun Hobby to Have


I’ve been taking design classes and reading books.  And learning more about social media.  Fascinating stuff. I read Norman’s book about human entered design.  For a book written in 1998 it’s incredibly relevant today.  The principles are simple… for a door… it should be designed so that you don’t even know it’s there.  Doors that are designed that interfere with their usability and confuse the end user… are bad designs. Push vs. Pull.

I have another SEO class later today.  It’s online and I’m looking forward to the discussion on whether or not PPC is endangering SEO.  Should be a fascinating lecture given recent developments.  One of the reasons SEO/PPC is not taught at schools is because how fast it can change.  One day it’s this… the next day it’s that. The professor can’t team the same course over and over again.

My gen chem lab Professor used to give the same exact finals year in and year out.  Same problems.  Eventually he got called out on it.  The solution was to change the numbers.

After finishing the blogs… I’ll run some errands and then make some videos.  The making of videos takes time.  I did get a new background which I love and now can use for my videos.  I need to upload it onto behance.  That would be good.  I haven’t worked on my behance or any of my guttulus accounts for some time.

My deign is slacking a lot… although the new runrex website is amazing… and I love the logo.  and the new playmat I’m getting right now.  All good things moving forward.

I get to look at houses next week.  I’m excited for that. I’m not excited to move though.. since I have to move several massive collections.  No apartments… they are too small plus paying rent is a drain on your money since the money doesn’t go to any assets.