Social Media is a Lot of Fun


I have 18, 000 Youtube subs, 11, 000 twitter followers, 4,500 Facebook friends, 3,000 Facebook fans, and 900 instagram followers…  And i’m still not happy with those numbers.  I can get a lot more… The main problem is that I have 3 different profile types, hobby, personal, and business.  Those three for the most part don’t intersect.  It’s like being 3 different people.  And having 3 different identities.  One the nerd, second the person, and third the business.  It’s hard mixing each of them.  But according to Klout I’m doing an okay job.  I have a 78 on Klout… which I still don’t know what it means.  I assume a 78 is high since I get free perks at that stage.  I’m not sure how good the perks are… but they are free.

I’ve been watching a lot of league of legends and it’s crazy to me how popular some of those streamers are.  They live entirely from donations.  And they run their own brands as a business… which makes sense since they are in fact business owners.  And their value can be summed up by their brand and how much money their fans will pay to see them stream.

But it’s a razor edge.  sometimes when things go bad… and the fans leave you… did you really learn any relevant skills to be hired outside of that niche?  I think that’s why I love development so much.  It’s possible to be a rock star and you aren’t reliant on some game.  The game may be popular right now. But are we even going to use computers after 10 years.  Especially for League, modded upgraded desktops?  Nope… there’s a general trend away from desktop.

It’s almost 1pm… arghhh… Time flies by so fast nowadays.  There so much to learn and do.  I’m past the point of learning though… so I’ll be able to put more of my time on executing things.  That should help the workload a bit.

Oh I’m waiting on a few mail packages.  Very excited to get my alters. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them.  Probably just put them in my binder.  to look at later.  That’s the cool part.  They are unique and commissioned.. in theory there’s only one.

It’s raining like crazy… and lawn care didn’t show up… again.  Oh gosh I need to buy food.. However… I need coffee more.   And I never feel like shopping for food after starbucks.  The starbucks is right next to the walmart… And I always end up shopping there.. because I can’t force myself to go all the way to the HEB…