Something Lost and Something Gained



I normally crunch either code or something marketing related… maybe create YouTube videos, this time of night.  Tonight old friends are in town from Virginia.  It’s nice catching up.  I considered heading to D.C. for Otakon, but things got hectic.  I prefer busy, it keeps my skill set sharper.  We played Settlers of Catan (like in law school).  Good times then… good times now.

This week was productive.
 Friday we begun building wire frames.  I’m not great at wire frames, but it’s a necessary evil.  Other than that… nothing all that eventful.  Making products, learning PPC, and creating content.  Life as a whole is more exciting.  I actually may need sleep this weekend to reset all the red bulls I drank.

Which brings me to a sad realization.  I decided not to tutor anymore.  I’m a highly ranked tutor (given who my students… or rather student’s parents are).  I’m one of a few tutors permitted to teach St. John’s students (St. John’s is a prestige High School in Texas).  I’ve tutored these students for over 2 years.  It was fun… but I need to focus on my advancing my career objectives.

I am also weighing my volunteering options.  This decision is difficult; volunteering offers more flexibility than tutoring.  I can take longer breaks.  Tutoring, I have to commit for the school year, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair for the students.  Volunteering, I can commit when I feel like it.

I’ve wondered how high I can fly.  It’s time to find out.  I want to have the maximal amount of time to learn and evolve as a marketer.  My job is a lot of fun and it encourages me to reach the upper limits of my abilities. I hope to become a singularity… uniquely positioned in the market.  My skill set is still transitioning; eventually it will be unique.