Sometimes I Forget



It’s always a surprise to receive legal related things in the mail.  Sometimes I forget that I’m a lawyer… since I don’t practice law anymore.  I miss some parts of being a lawyer a lot.  But marketing is similar… but in my opinion more fun since you can venture out into many fields.  Law is far more specialized and you are pigeoned to a specific area.  Marketing, I had clients who were politicians, doctors, dentist, lawyers, bail bondsman, flower shop owners, auto dealerships… etc.  That makes for a better conversion. 

That’s what makes marketing so fun.  The fact there’s so much to learn.  Oh and e-commerce…. that’s a blast.  selling products is awesome.  I’m having a lot more fun now… that we have clients.  Every client is so different…. and you never know what the next client will want to sell…

I’m was pretty exhausted… but I think I can finish some woo commerce.  Probably not all of it.  Still a lot to do. which is okay.  I rather be too busy than not.

Tomorrow… contracts.  Woo commerce, proposal making. and sales… some Facebook ppc optimization.  AdWords?  Huh… seems like a pretty busy day.  And since it’s Wednesday I have no chance at parking.  yeah for walking.  I hope it doesn’t rain….

It’s either grind some woo commerce.  Or read a book.  Choices… are best made late at night so you can’t get up in the morning on time for work.

Oh and I have to write about javascript for AdWords.  I should stop now… it when from exhilarating to a little imposing…  I’m enjoying the T Swift music.  And yes for this weekend!!! Super excited.  Probably my favorite weekend.  And then halloween.  I already purchased candy.  Oh I should make one more blog…. detailing my progress on social media.  That’s what I will do instead of any of the above things…..  But I’m running out of pictures to post… Back to the instagram.