Spending My Sundays Fixing WordPress


I empathize with website owners.  Wordpress has a lot of updates.  To be more specific… there are a lot of plugin updates that have to be fixed every so often.  These are simple fixes… but still.  I enjoy having my blog.  Since it’s a way for me to plan what I need to do.  Like dealership PPC today.  Since it’s the end of the month.  Proposals and pitches… since those need to be done everyday.  Coding.  Which I finished last night.

This month has overall been a blur.  It’s been a little crazier than normal.  And I’m looking forward to working at home. Or spending more time at home working.  Apparently different things.  I went to Game Spot and Best Buy to try to reserve the limited edition Fire Emblem.  Didn’t work.  The only option is to buy the 3ds limited edition.  Which isn’t actually that much more expensive.

If I finish my blog set and make my lion videos.  And finish off all those other proposals and do some dealership excel ppc… it will be a great day productivity wise.  The list seems rather long, but it can be chained together.  I have to keep focused.  Sundays are always the most productive day.  And taxes…

I’m feeling pretty good about the outlook of the marketing agency.  We are getting inbound leads.  Which is nice to have.  Cold calling doesn’t work for me.  I’m not good at it… and it doesn’t utilize my strongest sales tactic… I’m an expert in what I’m selling.  And I explain complicated concepts in easy ways.  Part of my tutoring ability.  One of my many skills.  Likely one which will be incredibly useful later on when I can customize my own team.

Just finished my lion videos.  They were mediocre.  I wasn’t in the mood today.  Especially for guttulus videos.  I have a lot I need to do today.  I had to reshoot most of the videos twice due to camera malfunctions.  Went to best buy to buy a 4K Camera… but the didn’t have any.  I still have a 10 percent off coupon which I want to use ASAP.  It expires mid March but I my attention span for remember coupons is fairly limited.