Spending the Day Reading Books



*Picture was something I found in the Houston tunnels.

I have a library of graphic design/art books… the remaining stock of Domy Books resides in my home.  Domy was a bookstore that has since bankrupted.  It was a local landmark for Houston graphic design.  I’ve donated books around the town and gave some to my graphic design friends.

I haven’t even gone through all the titles yet.   Today was the first time since I hauled them from Insomnia Games I was able to peruse them.  I’m extremely happy with the purchase.  I spent 800 dollars cash on 500 odd books to add to my already expansive book collection.  It makes me feel like I’m running an agency.  It’s the antiquated idea that owning books some how makes you smarter… think of a traditional law firm… they never open those fancy law books… only pose to take pictures with them.  The same with my graphic design.  Since working my new job, I haven’t had much time to work on graphic design.  Graphic design is probably the least useful skill at my new position, therefore I’ve relegated to spare time… which I don’t have ample amounts of.

What makes me happy is my entire house is filled with art, graphic design prints, books, and posters.  My residence is a work at home paradise.  It has all the right types of snacks.  All the right types of energy drinks.  And all the resources you would ever want.  I guess, that explains why I work at home so well.  There are no distractions and I get to pick my “background noise.”

This being said.   Here’s my goals this weekend: clean the home up a bit, compose 9 blog worthy marketing posts, create 11 hobby videos, create 20 marketing videos, and work on my website.  In conclusion, I should probably take a nap right now and grind out at least 3 of the above.  It’s nice to be busy.