Why SQL Developer is used? 25 reasons


Why SQL Developer is used? 25 reasons   

SQL developer is one of the standout languages that developers utilize and it is mainly due to the workability and operational efficiency that individuals are able to enjoy. There are varied advantages that define the preference that Developers have for the language and they are all inherent in the ease of usability that the professionals are afforded. The advantages of using the language are undeniable and with that in mind, here are 25 reasons that are most pronounced when it comes to determining the factors that drive the use of SQL among developers.

Powerful editors

SQL takes in the input of powerful editors which are instrumental in ensuring that a developer has all the tools needed to transform a project.

Stored Java procedures

The benefit of stored Java procedures cannot be understated and developers can relish having the Java options to call upon during project development.

Open source

A major advantage to consider with SQL is that it is an open source language which means it offers a greater challenge and benefit to developers.

Used by Big Players

The large players like IBM and Microsoft utilize the functionality of SQL which makes SQL a language that developers must target.

Supports enterprise applications

The enterprise applications are what improve the capacity for a developer to target the ambitious projects and SQL offers a workable platform with its support and compatibility with enterprise applications.

Supports object based programs

Object based programs are a major asset for any developer as they aid in complete customization and with SQL supporting the object based programs, the language serves as an undeniable asset.


A dynamic language is always an advantage for any developer since it ensures that the operational capacity is improved beyond measure and SQL is exactly what is needed in this regard.

A complete language

Few languages in the programming niche can claim to be complete with all the functional elements that are effective for developers and SQL is one of the complete languages that can be taken advantage of.

Facilitates Client/Server communications

Client/Server communications are always fundamental since they allow for constant updating and adjustments that perfect any creation that a developer is looking to implement.


Few languages have the interactive potential that SQL offers and this is why it is the best language for developers to use.

Easy to learn

A particular advantage of SQL is that it is easy to learn and has developers are always exposed to varied learning opportunities when taking it up.

Used for relational databases

Developers always have a liking for relational databases due to the endless possibilities and operational efficiency and with SQL used for the relational databases, it is the best language for aspiring developers.

Running queries

The process of running queries sometimes presents a challenge for developers using less equitable languages but SQL enables developers run queries with ease.

Generating execution plans

An execution plan is predominantly a demanding task to complete but SQL enables developers to generate the same with ease which increase efficiency.

Exporting data

Developers have faced difficulty in trying to export data from other languages but with SQL, it is a seamless process which makes the language a must have.

Documenting programs

Developers always strive to have a platform where they can document programs and SQL offers an advanced platform for the same.


It is possible to handle debugging with SQL which one significant benefit of having the language as the principle operational platform.

Program testing

With SQL, it is possible to handle program testing and ensure that every creation is perfect and in the right code setting which is the dream of every developer.

High speed

The language that developers can target with a high operational speed is SQL and it is one of the standout values that the language holds.

No coding required

The best aspect about SQL is that no coding is required for handling the language which inspires effective usability for developers targeting a unique experience.

Well defined standards

SQL has well defined standards when compared against other languages that developers utilize which indicates its authenticity.

Centralized control and management

A central control point is always a welcome advantage for developers and with SQL, a developer can be able to have a centralized management point.

Easy to assign privileges

With SQL, it is easy to assign privileges to control access and thereby ensure the security of any creation.


SQL is a special purpose language which means developers are offered effective functionality when targeting its use.

Operational with DBMS systems

Most developers fancy DBMS systems and with SQL offering an operational platform for the same systems, it stands as a workable language to adopt.