SQL Server Training in Houston Texas


One to one training sessions with industry professional to get hands on experience.

I am an independent tutor working in database / data warehouse industry for almost 10 years. I offer personalized sql server training to help you achieve your goals.

About Training?
Online training is a series of live face to face classes with latest updates in SQL Server. Here you learn how to build and manage SQL server databases with T-SQL and MSBI tools. Training Courses provide skills needed to build a solid foundation for SQL server development.

Who can do the training?
People from any work field, who are planning to switch to IT.
OR If you are in database industry and planning to start career in MSBI.
OR If you want additional skills set on your profile.

Student / professional goals for undertaking the training?
It helps to land better jobs, improve performance and get salary hike in IT sector. You can find new positions in IT like BI Developer, SQL Developer, SQL Programmer Analyst etc.

Courses Offered:
1) For beginners – SQL server database development (Course duration: 5-6 weeks)
2) For advance users – Business intelligence tools (MSBI): SSIS, SSRS and SSAS (course duration: 10-12 weeks)

Classes will be 3 times per week i.e. two classes in the evening on weekdays and one on weekend.

For any inquiry please drop me an email.



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