How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Houston


How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in Houston

Houston is a great place to start a digital marketing agency. It is a large metropolis area where there is access to an abundance of digital marketing clients both in the local area as well as online. The biggest challenge as with any business, is not only knowing your craft, but also knowing how to be structured properly and work within the guidelines of the laws that have been set by the city of Houston, the state of Texas and the IRS..

Digital marketers already have the upper hand in that their particular service is already in great demand in Houston. However, to make everything official, below are some steps that you can take to get your digital marketing agency started.

Select a Business Entity

As a digital marketing agency, you will need to determine what type of entity you plan to set up. If you normally work with a team, as an independent contractor you may consider setting up a sole proprietorship. However, if you have an agency that hires employees or other independent contractors you, may want to form a corporation or an LLC. The more popular corporations are S-Corps or C-Corps. There are a variety of LLCs that could be formed as well. Including those comprised of individual members, partnerships or other structures. You also need to be licensed in the city of Houston in order to do business in that geographical area. You may also be in need of a seller’s permit or other business filings as well.

Obtain a Business Bank Account

It’s never a good idea to co-mingled funds (personal funds with business funds) which means that it’s necessary to have a business bank account in the business name. This can easily be done by going down to your local bank and opening up checking or savings account for your business. You may also consider setting up an account with PayPal so that you’re already in a position to do electronic banking.

Set up a Business Address and Phone Number

As a new business, you’ll want to set up a business address and phone number so that potential clients can reach you and know where to find you. If you plan to operate out of your home, you may consider a virtual office so that you can meet your clients at that location, as opposed to meeting them in your home.

Set up and Launch a Business Website

Before setting up your website, you’ll need to select a domain name. You can use your domain name to set up a professional company email address as well. You’ll also need to purchase a hosting plan before launching your website which you can do for a reasonable monthly fee. Finally build and launch your new business website.

Purchase Stationary

If you have a logo already made up, you can use it along with your new phone number, address, web address and email to create business letterhead, business cards and envelopes if you need them.

Purchase Business Insurance

Purchase liability insurance for the office to reduce the risk associated with work-related injuries. It’s also great idea to purchase errors and omission insurance to cover any project related losses.


Make sure you have all the equipment that you need to do your work That includes software, furniture, computers, printers and any other items that will be required for you to function properly.

Get the Word out About Your Business

Now that you’ve got your business set up, you’re ready to get started – but first, you need customers. Tell everyone about what you’re doing. Launch new digital and traditional marketing campaigns to acquire new customers.