How to Start a Graphic Design Agency in Houston


How to Start a Graphic Design Agency in Houston

Houston, Texas, known for its large metropolis area, is a breeding ground for anyone who wants to start a graphic design business. Like any business however, you not only have to know about running a business but you also have to be skilled in graphic designing.

Graphic designers see things from a different point of view and have what’s referred to as the designer’s eye. They bring certain expertise to a project and are very useful in the advertising and media space. In order to succeed as a graphic designer they must communicate with various people across multiple different industries. If you’re interested in starting your own graphic design business in Houston, below are some steps you can take to get started.

Set up Your Business Entity

Designers may come from a variety of backgrounds before they launched their business, including from advertising agencies, media companies or other companies. However when forming a business, the graphic designer must set up the appropriate business entity. That could consist of a sole proprietor, a C Corp, an S Corp, an LLC or another structure. Some of the things that are required to consist of selecting a business name, setting up a business ID number filing the proper business licenses and permits that are required to set up and operate a business in the city of Houston.

Set up a Business Bank Account

A bank account should also be set up in the business name so that you appear to be more professional when working with professional clients. They tend to do their banking business a certain way and the way your banking system is set up, suggest to them whether or not your working on an independent level or a corporate level.

Since a lot of work can be obtained online, it’s also a good idea to set up a PayPal account in the business name as well so that you will already be in a position to receive electronic payments.

Obtain a Business Address and Phone Number

Make sure your potential clients can find you by setting up a business address and phone number. Although many graphic designers work from home (which is very cost efficient than renting an office space) you still may want to consider renting a virtual office so that you can meet clients in a professional location when necessary.

Set up a Website

Select a domain name for your business, a hosting plan and build a website. Be sure that your website shows a great display of your previous graphic designing work. Set up a professional email address as well.

Order Stationary

Now that you have physical address, a phone number, website and email address and a website you should be able to order stationary containing all of the information indicated above so that you will appear professional when it tempting to attract new clients. Even though millions of people use email to communicate each day, it’s still a good idea to have professional letterhead created

Obtain any Necessary Insurance

Obtain liability insurance as well as errors and omission insurance to cover any unforeseen damages or work-related injuries in the workplace should someone injure themselves while at your facility.

Obtain the Necessary Tools of the Trade

In order for you to do a satisfactory job and to remain competitive is necessary to get graphic designing software and all the other tools of the trade that you need for your business.

Sales and Marketing

Set up digital and traditional marketing strategies to obtain new customers, keep customers in the pipeline and increase sales.