Start to a Productive Weekend Begins


I got to work at home today.  It’s always nice.  I don’t have to drive in and park….  Essentially it saves me about 2 hours of time.  Although Mondays I have to drive even further now.  What can you do?  I got a lot done today.  But it looks like it’s another crazy weekend where I need to work the entire Saturday.  The more work I do… the more work I seem to have.  So much PPC to do.  And analytics.  I’m happy I won the 2015 top content creator award from google partners.  I also have the 2014 one.  But that means I should make more content.  Content isn’t the easiest thing to push yourself to do. Hence why I’m writing 6 blogs starting at 3:35am in the morning.  Crazy.

I have to buy food.  I don’t have anything else to eat.  I’m so hungry all the time.  I haven’t eaten really good food in some time.  Mainly due to me having to barricade myself at home to get work done.  It’s sort of sad… but I enjoy it.  It’s like a Korean Drama…. this is the filler part.  On a happier note, my finances are really solid now.  Which means I can buy things online.  For the holidays of course.  I’m such a good present giver.  No seriously, I am.

If I can get 6 blogs or at least 3 blogs written before I go to sleep tonight…. I’ll consider today successful.  I waited for a fedex package.  The package should have been here at 2pm… it took until 7pm.  Which is when I canceled my dinner plans.  And the package wasn’t even the right one.  It was the wrong package…  actually it was a package I didn’t know they were sending me.  They being google.  I was expecting a different certification.  Oh well.  Can’t complain, a certificate is a certificate.  And it was free.

I’m been in the mood to do some graphic design lately.  It’s not the most productive use of my time.  I’m spending 50 percent of my time doing sales and the other 50 doing ppc/web development/management (mostly of myself).  Things are going well for the agency.  I picked up a few larger clients.  It’s nice to have larger accounts.  Oh I also hired my friend part time.  He’s from Cali and we’ve been friends since elementary.  Pretty cool.  Super part time 1099 right now.  But in the future when the agency gets a little bigger I’m sure I’ll make him an offer to come to Houston.  That’s pretty exciting.

Other than that life moves on.  Lots to do.  If my Saturday is productive enough… maybe I’ll go for dinner.  It’s possible.