Startup Designer in Houston Texas


New startup businesses are my specialty.

1. We’ll begin with stellar business design that encourages the customer in deeper.  The object is to get them to call you, if you own a services business like roofing, landscaping, etc, or to the buy buttons if you sell tangible products online.

The days of putting a site up and getting anyone to find it are gone without great SEO. You need my high-yield Google top 10 SEO, making you readily found for those who search for you. This is likely the most critical part of any business – Being found.

A site that is the ugliest site on the web can generate 50 billion hits a month. Craigslist does it everyday. A child could build a page like Craigslist. Stone ugly. But the SEO they started out with made all the difference. The rest is history.

2. We all know, by now, that when the public wants or needs what you sell, they’ll ‘Google it’. It’s the place you want to be found – The place everyone instinctively goes for everything. Your new business can take off like a rocket with top 10 Google SEO – Happens everyday. Call me for a free quote to get your site up there where all of America’s online business is done.

SEO Plan Features:
– Initial Site Check Up
– Keyword Research
– Page Title Development
– META Tag Development
– Google Webmaster Tools Implementation
– Bing Webmaster Tools Implementation
– Google Analytics Implementation
– Social Media Page Creation
– Social Media Optimization
– Blog Creation
– Blog Optimization
– Social Media Marketing
– Monthly Management Services (Site Monitoring; Social Media Page Updates)