Startup Life in Houston Texas – 3 years later


I’ve lived the startup life for 3 years.  Slightly longer depending on how you calculate it.  The highest have been high… and the lowest have been incredibly low.  Working at a startup was an opportunity I’m happy I took.  Owning a startup turns out to be less frustrating but as rewarding.  I’m glad I left my cozy office for a work at home space.  I work more now the I’ve ever worked… which is crazy considering I worked 60+ hours in corporate.

The most rewarding part of startup of life is the all the things you learn.  And the skills you acquire. Plus the people you meet along the way.  What an adventure it has been so far.  I’m excited to see how far I can go.  Most times it’s exhausting.  But you take the small wins you can.

In theory it should get easier… but there’s always something that interferes with that.  Woah it’s 10:30pm already.  Whoops.  I spent too much time watching random videos on YouTube.  I have to finish this up.  And then exercise, shower, and go head to bed relatively early.  I haven’t been getting much sleep lately.

Last week I was sick.  being sick and getting work done is difficult.  It was a tough week.  This week I had to catch up on everything I missed the previous week.  I’m glad it’s over.   It turns out I was much more productive than I realized. I’m in a chipper mood.

There’s something oddly relaxing about staying in on a Friday night… and not playing video games.  I’ll end up watching a movie on netflix.  Call Saul was pretty good.  I finished that series and the ending was amazing.  Subtle but perfect.  Most changes begin small.  And have huge impacts.