The State of Graphic Design in Marketing


The State of Graphic Design in Marketing

Today,  utilization of graphics to fuel business growth is one of the most important aspects in many company’s marketing campaigns today. Social media sites which are mostly graphic heavy gain more new users than those with a smaller graphic to text ratio. For example, according to the article,  Top graphic design trends for 2016 marketing: Usable, mobile, accessible, “Instagram use is growing steadily faster than Facebook, and the rise of DIY graphics tools are at an all-time high.”

Social Trends in Graphic Design in 2016

Companies and individuals rely on good graphics to demonstrate what they bring to the public and graphic design is becoming more customer friendly. Today the average computer user is able to participate in graphic design, because of new user friendly sites, like WebSites like Pinterest, which now offer seller features, require a post to contain a graphic to be uploaded to the website and are also driving design trends for 2016. Today offering your customer infographics is necessary for gaining readership and driving sales, but the use of cartoons as opposed to text heavy infographics will be featured in 2016 graphic design trends. These also often appear in user created videos, on sites such as youtube, vimeo and vine. In an article, 11 Web Design Trends for 2016, suggested that, “ Because an illustration or sketch style icon appears to be hand-drawn, it looks and feels personal for users. That can go a long way into creating a connection with them.”

Design Trends in 2016

According to Rising World Technologies there are 7 graphic design trends that will help your business to stand out in 2016,

Flat Design is going to be a major design trend. According to Rising World Technologies, designers should avoid the use of glossy buttons, bevelled edges, gradients and dimensionality. And create a unique Flat Design Look. Laura Kane in a Hubspot blog post, 7 Current Design Trends Every Marketer Should Know, wrote that “Flat design eliminates shadows and other design features that make graphics look three-dimensional.”

Rising World Technologies’ infographic stated that a the Grid Layout trend will be popular in 2016. Designers will use geometry and precision when creating these grid layouts which feature solid colours and bold outlines.

The Infographic sited the “Kpop Craze” which features “Loud Bright and Playful, Funky and Brightly Colored Elements, Short Quirky Slogans, Graphic Smiley Face, Comic Strip Scenes, KITSCH Japanese Cartoons”

Trends in the use of fonts with rely heavily on  Custom Fonts are which are “helpful in Branding” and Rising World Technologies’ graphic suggests that  “Handwritten Fonts, Mix & Match Type and Large Type are Expected to Be big this year”

The fifth design trend illustrated is Bright Pastels which  “work well in flat design…”

“Single Shade of Solid Color” will be a big design trend according to Rising World Technologies.

Finally, ” illustrations have replaced stock images,” suggests Rising World Technology.

Another major design trend to look for in 2016 is usability, in an article, 16 Web & Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2016,, listed usability as number one, stating that “User experience (UX) will indeed be the new black.”

Graphic Designers Earnings In 2016

In 2016 the average salary for a graphic designer has increased since 2015. In April 2015 Designation Blog wrote that, “ the average salary of a Graphic Designer is just $40,239.” By January of 2016 the average salary had risen to $40,666 per year, according to But companies are increasingly searching for designers who can work on a variety of projects. In Designantion Blog’s post,  an Email Marketing Designer in 2015 would have a higher “lower” salary, of $52,750 and a “higher” salary of $75,00.

The Overall State of Graphic Design in Marketing in 2016

Overall the state of graphic design in marketing in 2016 is such that graphic designers who wish to earn higher salaries must be able to stand out through offering multiple industry strengths. Graphic design itself is becoming increasingly important to the individual for driving direct sales. New websites are being created for the individual and companies with smaller budgets to attain customers generated from graphic heavy social sites. Graphic design trends are focusing on easier creation and ownership for the designer.