Staying Motivated – Startup Life


Outside the initial excitement of starting and running your own company.  Startup life has been extremely uneventful.  It’s not what I thought it would be in terms of stress.  It’s a lot of stress but it’s the same type of stress.  And I’ve already acclimated that form of stress.

Social media is still a lot of fun.  But everything else has become somewhat dull.  It’s the same song and dance.  Which it was for the other agency as well.  Once you get over the initial shock of agency life, it becomes monotonous.

Staying motivated is extremely hard unless you have a clear end goal.  And even then it’s easy to be distracted.  I’m excited for the new ppc learning platform.  it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time.

And I’m excited I found some SEO talent.  Rare talent.

All and all it’s been an interesting past year.  There hasn’t been as many ups as I’d liked.  There has been several learning lessons.  And that’s what I gained.  I learned what not to do.  Who not to hire.  How not to do sales.  Etc.

The past year has been a lesson in what to avoid and who to avoid.  The second lesson was how to do sales.  Sales is a nightmare.  It can be lots of fun… when it works.