Struggling with Local SEO: Avoid these 25 Common Mistakes


Struggling with Local SEO: Avoid these 25 Common Mistakes      

Marketers targeting local SEO have always faced a difficult task in terms of being able to perfectly optimize their campaign. Some common mistakes are always responsible for hampering the major strides in local SEO and avoiding them is the key to ensuring a streamlined performance of the local SEO strategy. The 25 mistakes to avoid include:

Underestimating Google My Business profile

A Google My Business profile is what guides the search engine in producing the relevant results according to a search done and underestimating its power always leads to businesses losing valuable conversions.

Failure to utilize anchor texts

Anchor texts are what attract the target audience and hook them to the preferred path. Failure to utilize the anchor texts leads to loss of high quality traffic.

Duplicate listings

The major issue with duplicate listings is that search engines block and penalize the occurrence and while a marketer may be tempted to use the same details for local listings, it proves to be a costly mistake.

Ignoring search intent

Capturing the search intent in the content generated is crucial as it is what ensures the local searches are serviced with the relevant results.

Missing relevant categories

With local SEO, categorizing elements is important to ensure an individual searching for information is provided with accurate and relevant information.

Disregarding purchase-oriented keywords

Purchase-oriented keywords inspire the target audience to connect with a brand and disregarding them lengthens the time period for a marketing campaign to create the desired effect.

Lacking contact information

Contact information drive the avenue of connection that a prospective client can utilize to reach a business. Lacking accurate contact information limits the effectiveness of a local SEO campaign.

Failure to promote content

Promotion of content is a major undertaking with every marketing campaign and failure to promote always makes the task of advertising much harder.

Listing addresses as images

A major mistake to avoid when structuring local SEO is listing addresses as images. Addresses should be presented in text format for them to be viable for search engines.

Not utilizing analytics

Analytics inform on the performance of a local SEO campaign and failure to utilize analytics always leads to inconsistent records and ROI figures.

Inconsistent NAP

The Name, Address and Phone Number are the identity of a business and an inconsistent NAP is a major mistake that limits the power of local SEO.

Forgetting link building

Link building works effectively to build relevance and authenticity of a website on the local stage. Neglecting link building causes a campaign to be stifled in terms of growth.

Lack of citations

Citations are what drive traffic and inform the target audience about the presence of the website and lacking the same presents an uphill task in trying to get followers.

Ignoring backlinks

Backlinks are always beneficial since they influence website quality ranking. Running a local SEO campaign while ignoring backlinks makes achieving success with the campaign much harder.

Lack of customer reviews

Customer reviews are the catalyst that inspires the rest of the target audience to come on board and a lack of customer reviews proves to be a setback for a local SEO strategy.

Neglecting on-page SEO

Local SEO is informed by on-page SEO which ensures effective optimization is initiated in line with what users expect. Neglecting it always leads to poor conversion rates and poor ROI.

Low quality content

When structuring local SEO, localized content that resonates with the target audience is crucial to the success of the campaign and low quality content works in a counterproductive way.

Optimizing for wrong keywords

A major flaw that people are guilty of with local SEO is optimizing for the wrong keywords just because the competition is utilizing the same keywords. This limits the potential of the local SEO campaign.

Lacking outbound links

Outbound links to authoritative sites always ensures a website is ranked higher which is a strategy that benefits the local SEO strategy as it builds relevance and authenticity.

Lacking a mobile-optimized website

With local SEO, the target audience always searches and transacts through the mobile devices and lacking a mobile optimized website presents a difficult task in managing the local SEO.

Keyword cannibalization

Many marketers fall prey to the temptation of utilizing plenty of keywords without a clear strategy which is a process that more often than not impacts a campaign by causing keyword cannibalization.

Poor quality landing page

A landing page is the principle factor for conversions and a poor-quality landing page optimized for local SEO always leads to difficulty in driving traffic.

Failure to utilize Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a useful tool when trying to understand what the target audience needs and how to structure it. Failure to utilize the same cripples a local SEO campaign.

Ignoring Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are always a way for the search engines to direct the browsers looking for information and lacking the descriptions is a recipe for disaster when considering local SEO.

Writing for search engines

A major mistake marketers make when handling local SEO is writing for the search engines which is a process that often leads to overoptimization which limits crawling by the search engine algorithm.