Sun Burning Through the Night



Blogging is sort of theoretical.   I’m still haven’t gotten good at remembering to do it daily.  I’m actually better at doing daily instagraming then blogs.  I’m watching a few netflix horror films.  I’ll get everything I need done tomorrow.  Sundays have always been a productive day.  There’s a lot of work I need to finish.  I have to shoot several more videos… mainly to store for this channel.  Write a few articles.  And compose a pitch deck.  As well as do stuff with craigslist.  I’m fairly certain all I need is one day…. oh… and errands… so many errands.  I going to finish my blogs tonight.  It’s nice to be forced to write thoughts down.

Life really didn’t turn out like I expected it would.  The last semester of law school… I was engaged and going to practice law in New York City.  And suddenly everything changed.  When I look back, I’m glad.  It was a good learning experience… and it gave me back something I didn’t have… since Freshman year at NYU.  A famished hunger.  I got comfortable with my life. I was popular.. well liked… and had things lined up.  However, the lack of adversary made me content with my position in life.

With lost comes opportunity.  My hunger returned.. and it never left.  I push myself pretty hard to be the best in whatever I do.  Whether that be tutoring, volunteering, or work.  I mean I crunch so much content on just this website and the corresponding youtube channel… it’s impressive even to me.  I’m at 4200 Facebook friends and nearly 17000 youtube subscribers with close to 7 million views.  And twitter is a healthy 11K although I ignore it.

That’s in addition to Facebook pages and instagram.  Instagram is the hardest media to get followers in.  I’m not sure why.  Although I’m doing a ton better lately.  My goal is to break a 1,000 which is somewhat comical… considering my other social media.