Sunday is when I Get Stuff Done



I’m pretty happy with this Sunday.  I binged on the walking dead (as background noise… I’ve already seen it).  Finished most of my errands.  The study room is still a bit of a mess.  I may clean that after I’m done this blog.  I got 4 articles up.  4 blogs.  All the videos for my lion channel.  And feel really relaxed and happy.  Played with the kitten and got a longer nap in.  Outside of my study room being a complete disaster zone right now, I would say pretty productive weekend.  My fantasy team is also doing amazing.  Yeah… if I can get myself to clean up study room it will be a good weekend.  And maybe do some craigslist content creation on google documents.

It was nice have a Friday/Saturday where I didn’t do anything but see friends.  Not having the internet and being at the home was sort of nice.  Although two weeks again I had left my charger… and that wasn’t so fun.  There are videos that still need to be made.  I may blog one more time and then let my buffer run out.  I have 9 videos, 4 pieces of content (5 if you count the main page), and this is blog number 4.  Which means I have 18 pieces of content.  And I’d need 2 more blogs to get to 20… which is 10 days in advance.

That’s how I make lion social media too.  I do everything way in advance and then automate it.  It works well.  I didn’t feel like making guttulus videos this weekend.  Frankly, I was exhausted.  I’m going to buying an a6000 soon.  I keep waiting for it to go on discount… but it never does.  It’s not a new camera so I figure the price will drop soon. I’ve already seen it drop to the price I wanted to buy it at… but then it went back up…

Yeah, if I clean my study and get my craigstlist stuff ready, this will be one of the most productive Sundays… and I should still have time to get some coding done… I’ll probably grind until 4am.  I did get an extra long nap today.