Sunday Musings & Marketing Thoughts


Outbound marketing is annoying.  It doesn’t convert and the clients you attract aren’t the ones you want to have long term.  Inbound is far superior in most metrics.  Conversion rate, ease of acquisition, etc.  I want to do more inbound.  My plan is to do zero paid advertising.  Sounds crazy since that’s what I’m good at.  And what I won awards doing, however it’s boring.  I prefer to experiment with non-paid forms of advertising since there’s more for me to learn.  And currently it’s more fun.

As for interesting events.  I got my tax forms from Google.  It was more than I expected.  I’m somewhat skeptical that they actually paid me that much.  But into quickbooks it goes.  I should start taxes soon…. How boring.  After I’m done these blogs I’ll go for a quick run and then work on some PPC things and proposals. Today has been productive and I’m happy with the progress I made so far.  Lion videos are done and I took a nap.  Oh and housekeeping things for the agency.

The entire weekend was weird.  Next weekend will be an ordinary weekend.  One where I can crunch down on my taxes and proposals.  I finished the following.  A terrible series with terrible acting… that I couldn’t stop watching.  Unrealistic to the core.  Season 3 had so many plot holes… so many.

Oh and most importantly this weekend I got to 40,000 coding points.  I’m fairly proud of myself.  The next barrier is 50,000 which is sort of insane since that’s got to be close to every course they have.  I also did a lot of recycling.  Don’t ask… recycling is recycling.

As for fails… Best Buy didn’t have the 4K camera I wanted.  It was very sad.  And I realized that I’ve gained a lot of weight due to snacking and soda.  I’m not sure how this happened…. but I can’t deny it.  I have to slim down and eat healthier.  And no more candy.  Seriously…  February will be a great month.  New Fire Emblem.  Not too many games I get excited about anymore.  This is one of them.