Sundays are Lackadaisical



I got all my videos shot and uploaded for the week.  Or at least a lot of them.  There’s till plenty of things I need to do.  Clean the home being the foremost.  But I brought food, did laundry, went out to eat the family, etc.  It was an incredibly productive Saturday and a semi-productive Sunday.  I’m saving Monday to make new study guides and outlines for ppc.

Oh I remember.  I spent today finishing up a lot of errands.  I’ll probably post another blog today since tomorrow will be lock down code mode.  I’m looking forward to having an entire day dedicated to learning things and sales as well.

I’ll probably try to kick out at least one or two re-done ppc study guides.  Right now I feel a movie is in order.  If I’m extremely productive I’ll kick around some javascript on this website.  If I didn’t have Monday “off” I would begin crunching down on my projects now.  There’s so much still left to learn.  And that’s the fascinating part about what I do… there’s always something new to test and play with.

Once my hobby generates enough money I’ll buy a new dslr camera.  For whatever reason I’m pretty excited about that.  Random thought.

Tomorrow will be lots of fun though.  I’m already looking forward to it.