Take your Business to the Next Level by Becoming Google video certified


Take your Business to the Next Level by Becoming Google video certified 

Did you know that the largest search engine in the world is Google, followed by YouTube? Videos might have not been popular when the internet was being discovered, but now Vlogs (Video Blogs) are slowly replacing blogs.  For instance, the YouTube channel has over one billion users per month, with over 1.3 million hours being used for watching commercials. Imagine, the possibilities of over one billion users seeing your commercial on this platform!

Yes, videos can get your business to the top level it needs to be. However, you have to know how to fully utilize this “video power” in order to experience its many benefits. Such knowledge can be obtained through Google’s video certification program. This program by Google was launched when the search engine realized the power that video holds: this platform presents a huge and unique opportunity for businesses to create awareness for their products or services. As a business owner becoming Google video certified holds a lot of advantages, which include:

Save on advertising costs

Google’s Adwords is one of the most used online advertising platforms, and its reputation continues to grow. With this growth, the average cost-per-click may grow, which means increased costs for advertisers. If you wish to avoid these advertising costs, try display advertising which may be a cheaper alternative.  Setting and running a YouTube channel is free, so the only money you may have to part with will be the cost of manpower needed to make a “professional” video. This therefore, makes video advertising a cheaper alternative to pay-per-click advertising.

To save up on costs you will need to figure out how to create professional videos for advertising purposes and how to post them on YouTube to reach your target audience, hence the need to enroll in the Google video certification program.

Fully utilize the power of Video Advertising

You might already be adept in video advertising, but are you fully utilizing this powerful marketing platform? For instance, are you aware that you can get real time metrics (analytics) from YouTube, which you can use to analyze the impact and performance of your video advertising? With the use of these analytics you can also gain more insight into user behavior, which may help you create better video ads.

In addition, enrolling for Google’s video certification will enable you create more targeted ads. For instance, if you sell kitchen utensils, a video with cookery demonstrations or a recipe’s channel will be ideal for your target audience (targeted advertising). The skills you will gain through the video certification program will enable you develop ads that are meant for the right people and those with the right interests.

The potential benefits of using video for advertising are endless. However, you may not be able to fully tap into these benefits without the right knowledge and skills needed to fully utilize this advertising platform, hence, the need to enroll for a Google video certification program. Becoming Google video certified can be the only thing you needed to take your advertising and eventually business to the next level.