Talk about 10 Things You Don’t Learn in Graphic Design School


Talk about 10 Things You Don’t Learn in Graphic Design School

Your diploma does not guarantee you a job.

The first thing that graphic design students should learn is that their diploma will not guarantee them a job. Many people go to college with the hope of getting a job instantly after they are done with their diploma which is not the case. Clients look capability and a great portfolio to match it.

Working with clients

Students are not taught how to work with real clients. Most clients will not view you as an artist, leading to a lot of criticism. Teachers fail to teach their students how to collaborate with their clients to bring out the best. The clients will bring out an idea they had in mind, as a designer you should direct them in the right direction.

About Software skills

Most designers in the industry have learned software skills on their own. Most students are not aware of the importance of software skills, mostly when it comes to getting a job. Owning a laptop is very vital but not all graphic designers students are aware of it.

How to remain creative

Students are not taught how to stay creative. Getting a diploma does not mean that your learning is over. Designers should also be updated on the latest trend, industrial news. It helps you become better and more creative. There are a lot of changes happening in the graphic design industry, you need to be on the look out.

Adapting to the real world.

Most graphic designer students waste a lot of their time in college. All they do is miss classes and party all the time. What they do not is that in the real world, they will not have a lot of freedom as they did in college. This will make it hard for them to adapt to the real world. Their time in college should be used to cultivate them and make them better designers.

How to network

Networking has proven to be very helpful to most graphic designers. Other than getting to know people, you can get many clients who are willing to pay for your services. Networking is very easy for people who have been properly guided through it. All you need to do is to attend social events and be social. Unfortunately, graphic design students are not taught how to network.

Humility goes a long way

The significance of been humble. Most people assume that because they have a first class honor they are importance in the industry. Employers do not have the time to keep up with people who think that they are better than others. You do not need to show or tell people that you have a first class honor, remember that there is someone better out there.


As a graphic designer, you should learn to be flexible mostly due to the fact that you are going to work with different clients. At times you may find a client that you are in line with your ideas but that does not happen all the time. You need to get out of your comfort zone and work.

Drawing and writing

You need to be good when it comes to drawing and writing. Most students do not give much attention to drawing when in college. Drawing enables you to be more creative and helps you build a visual vocabulary. Writing, on the other hand, is essential when it comes to communicating with your clients through email.

Office details

Other minor details that students are not taught is that you should back up your data regularly. Your clients should also sign a contract and pay you a deposit before you start doing their work. Your printer might stop working when you need it the most, make sure you have a backup plan.


10 Things They Don't Teach You In Design School