Teaching Yourself Coding & PPC


I teach coding to elementary students.  It’s a lot of fun.  Basic HTML… no CSS yet.  During computer class.  I believe everyone can learn coding and PPC.   It’s not difficult and with the internet you really don’t need to go to school.  Online classes were great and I felt I learned at a much faster rate than if I signed up for a class.  I was thinking of signing up for classes at UH… but the scheduling didn’t work with my job at the time.

Learning to code is sort of like learning chemistry.  There are steps and rules you have to follow.  Actually… it’s really more like calculus.  It’s a giant puzzle… where you can plugin things to see if it works.  If it does, great.  If it doesn’t then you just keep plugging away.  Lots of fun.

PPC is harder.  I’m not sure why.  I’ve attempted this year to train multiple people… content writers, social media specialist, graphic designers, and personal assistants.  Nada. It’s straight mechanics and repeating these mechanics time and time again.  It’s boring but with anime in the background it’s not half bad.  You also spend a lot of time updating excel spread sheets and creating ad copy.  It’s easy to learn but hard to master… and hard to continue.  The largest barrier to entry is boredom.  Optimization means coming up with a marketing strategy….  follow through is the hardest part.  Rinse and repeat until your campaign is perfect… which it never will be.

There’s a certain personality type that PPC suits. You have to like organizing things and not mind completing sometimes frivolous tasks over and over again.  While tools like Ad Words Editor exist… you can’t apply it across accounts… or rather you shouldn’t.  Every PPC account is custom and unique.  I mean… you are dealing with businesses.  How can they have the same exact adwords campaign when they value different things… and are in different locations?  You can’t.

At first I thought the reason I couldn’t teach anyone… PPC… was that they were lazy… but it’s beyond that.  The best PPC managers are those who are able to do the same things everyday.  Like blogging, you tubing…  as long as you are doing something every day that works.  Excel spreadsheets have to be updated daily.  The more I think about PPC… the more I realize it’s just repeating basic processes… in perpetuity.