Why a “Thank You” page is crucial for small businesses? 25 reasons


Why a “Thank You” page is crucial for small businesses? 25 reasons  

Small businesses are normally guilty of failing to optimize their “Thank You” pages to suit the target audience. The importance and benefit of the page cannot be underestimated and 25 reasons that support the setting are:

Displaying an order number

A “Thank You” page is perfect for displaying the order number which best serves the management of a sales line and offers crucial tracking for small businesses.

Filling out a survey

The page is perfect for letting clients fill out short surveys that assist in the customization of services for customers.

Customer valuation

The beauty of a “Thank you” page is that it is a way to initiate customer valuation which is very important and a lifeline for small businesses since it builds loyalty.

Exhibit gratitude

Creating a bond with the target audience is a crucial element that small businesses need and the page can be used to exhibit gratitude and thereby boost connection with clients.

Posting limited time offers

A “Thank You” page is available for the posting of limited time offers which are sure to capture returning customers and increase sales as a return.

Posting testimonials

Small businesses need to create appeal and the page is crucial since testimonials from real people happy with service can be posted which stands as proof of success.

Social sharing

The page is important especially for placing of social buttons that encourage social sharing since it appears after a client is satisfied with a sale.

Drives subscriptions

Subscriptions aid small businesses top establish contact and information lists and “Thank You” pages can be used to drive subscriptions to webinars or list building that aids the business connect and grow.

Building relationships

The concept of building relationships is fundamental to the development of small businesses and a “Thank You” page is the perfect platform for creating the connection.

Avenue for free downloads

Clients always desire having materials and resources that aid development and the page can be perfect as an avenue for free downloads that clients can utilize.

Facilitates upselling after a sale

Since small businesses desire to scale faster, a “Thank You” page stands as a platform where upselling can be done where discounts on other subscriptions can be offered to convince customers.

Unique last impression

The goal of a small business is to create a lasting impression and a “Thank You” page is perfect for creating that unique last impression.

Incentivizing referrals

Small businesses can take advantage of the page to incentivize referrals by offering discounts or coupons on the next sale for clients who bring in new customers.

Chance at being polite

This page is perfect for small businesses since it offers a chance at being polite and building the spirit of relation and engagement after a sale has been made.

Promoting loyalty

The best aspect that a small business must capture is breed loyalty and a “Thank You” page is perfect in promoting loyalty since it creates a platform for engagement between a client and the business.

Final stage of a sales funnel

Small businesses have a responsibility to grow and this can only be done if the sales funnel is complete and a “Thank You” page stands as the final stage of the funnel.

A mode of retargeting

The page can be a unique platform for re-targeting since it can accommodate new offers to clients who have already been converted as clients and hence increase sales.

Cross-promoting products

Cross-promotion is a task that small business must tackle to increase sales and a “Thank You” page is a perfect place to structure the same.

Show popular items

The goal of a small business is to increase sales and this can be done through targeting the clients with related and trending items. The “Thank You” pages are perfect for showing the trending items for a week.

Blog or newsletter signups

Small businesses require the pages since they are perfect real estate for setting up blogs and newsletter signups to ensure a client is given more material that coincides with their interests.

Placing calls-to-action to offers or secondary forms

A unique place to set up the calls-to-action and secondary forms for collecting client information is the “Thank You” pages.

Account creation

A “Thank You” page can be used as a platform where account creation can be intimated which open the client to varied options and benefits.

Offering coupons

A unique advantage to utilize the page is to offer coupons which attract more sales since a client will have already gone through the conversion phase.

Asking for feedback

The page is an effective avenue that can be used to ask for feedback and hence structure an upgrade or bettering of the services offered to the clients.

Links to gated content

Since small businesses require all the leverage they can get, a “Thank You” page can be used to structure links to gated content and ensure that the client is hooked to the relevant content.

Tracking conversions

Small businesses will do well to ensure they have a “Thank You” page since it is an avenue for tracking conversions with an evaluation of the number of times it loads.