That’s One Way to Kill a Morning



I’ve been watching random amvs… and league of legends videos for the past few hours.  This corresponds to my theory that waking up early is actually far less product.  Let’s get some blogging done, and then some video recording.  I’m glad I got all my coding out of the way already for this weekend.  Seems like a smart move.  I’ve not a morning person.  even when I wake up early… I don’t really get anything done until after 1pm.  The idea schedule would be 1pm until 4am.  That’s crunch time.

In college I had the weirdest sleep habit.  And luckily roommates who were just as weird.  I don’t have problems sleeping.  I dislike sleeping… but I can fall asleep any time I want to.  Normally… I’m exhausted so it’s incredibly easy.  There was only one 10 month period where I had trouble falling asleep.  When I was a comptroller.  I learned a lot from that job… and I’ll leave it at that.

Today I have to do laundry… hopefully hit the gym.  I need a productive Saturday just because my Sunday is filled up already.  I’d be happy if I completed all the errands and got all my videos shot… and all these blogs done.  That would be a hyper productive Saturday.  Saturdays are not my most productive day.  Mainly because I go out Friday night and don’t normally wake up until 2pm… and then I don’t feel like doing anything except eating.  And coding.

By shifting code day to Friday night… and giving up going out that night.  I’ve freed up a lot of time.  This is important since Sundays have been extremely busy as of late.

Once I’m able to work at home more… which is now… I will get a lot more done.  The problem with going to the office… is I don’t really need to be there most times…and it takes around 2 hours of my time where I could be doing other things.  Potentially more productive things.

I’m pretty happy with how things shook down.  I have have partial ownership in an actual agency.  Incorporated and all that fun.  There aren’t any restrictions anymore.  Finally, I can see how far I can go in this industry.  Regardless… this adventure will be a ton of fun.  And sharpen some of the skills I need to work on like sales and networking.  Two things I would love to add to my skill set.

Development… is being added… And it’s strong.