The Daily Grind

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It’s Wednesday, almost a week since I resigned.  I feel happy.  Outside of various money issues, partially my fault for buying an entire graphic design library instead of a laptop… hahaha.  And that my credit card bill was 3 times what it normally is: plane tickets and fixing up the ac in the car…  Life has been amazing.

When I first started “working from home” I thought hey I won’t have to get stuff in traffic or drive anymore.  This was completely incorrect.  It turns out you drive more for potential client meetings.

The second most surprising thing is how difficult it is to organize your time. I work hard.  And I typically work 10-12 hours.  However, have ultimate freedom to do as you please with your time is both scary and refreshing.  Essentially I’ve been making youtube videos for my hobby the past few days.  You might ask, why is that a good idea at this point?  Shouldn’t I be worried about finding clients?  I’m not worried at all since I’m confident in my abilities to do ppc and everything else.  And I guess that’s why I’m not as stressed as I probably should be.

Oh and the long winded phone calls from friends and family.  Those can often be draining.  I’m happy.  Once I get a bit more hungry, then I’ll start to be more aggressive in client acquisition.  At this moment, I’m just enjoying the sheer and complete freedom.