The Start of Something New



I’m happy with the progress of project X this week.  It’s on the right track and I know it has a bright future.  The only issue left is execution… which isn’t the easiest issue.  I love PPC. I have setup many Houston PPC Account.and Provide a best training on Google Adwords and Analytics with study guide.  … it’s relaxing and incredibly interesting.  It changes everyday and you have good days and bad days. I’m a huge fan of “seasons.”  Meaning, I grew up in the north where the colors change.  Houston, not as much…. but I’m a fan of the the city’s attempt at representing seasons with murals.

This also means I need to sharpen my tiger fangs.  There is a lot I need to learn to make project X successful. I’ve set it upon myself to manage and execute project X.  I’m not going to allow project X to languish.  It’s going to launch one way or another.

I realize how fortunate I was to have the experiences I had.  A single Google Adword account was 150K-200K monthly spend.  Average monthly spend exceeded 200K a month.   I miss those accounts.  But it’s okay… I’m going to get more “users.”  For me, that’s driving me to succeed.  I don’t want ten users…  I want hundreds.  And I think it’s possible.

As a side note, I’m becoming better at organizing my weekends.  Weekend productivity has seriously been lacking as of late.  I’m going to try something new this weekend.  Off to the public library.  I love public libraries.  I studied for my SAT, Finals, LSAT, Patent Exam, and Bar Exam at a public library.  It’s where I can crunch down the most.  And it’s about time to crunch down.  My beautiful tiger fangs (yes i’m still SEOing this keyword…. don’t judge).