The Truth About Digital Marketing: How to Find a Job in 2020

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The Truth About Digital Marketing: How to Find a Job in 2020

With the digital era pretty much in full swing, any business worth its salt out there has to be leveraging some sort of digital marketing, as per the subject matter experts over at Quite simply, if your business is not leveraging digital marketing, then you probably won’t be able to keep up with your competitors and you will probably get left behind. This is why digital marketing experts, like those over at the excellent, are highly sort after by businesses looking for professional help for their digital marketing efforts. As a business owner, you will find that you have so much you need to get done, that if you are to get this part of your business right, you will need professional help. What this therefore means, is that there are more and more people looking to become digital marketers, a trend we see continuing to gather steam going into 2020. If you are looking to go into a career in digital marketing, there are a number of truths you need to know about the trade, something this article will look to help with and we hope it will be of great help as you look to find a job in this field in 2020.

One of the truths about digital marketing is that it is not always about data, especially for the modern digital marketer. This is not to say data is not important, as it is, if you are to be successful in say pay-per-click as discussed in detail over at However, companies now will not only want you to come up with successful digital marketing strategies with the help of the data you will have collected on their business, industry and competitors, they will also want you to know how to build their brand. Digital marketing is therefore not all about driving conversions, but also building brands. Things like user experience, especially when it comes to landing pages, are just as important as driving traffic, something as a digital marketer you should be a ware of going into 2020. Also, another truth about digital marketing is that it is important to specialize on one area, rather than spread yourself thin learning everything. If you want to be known as an industry leader, then you will have to specialize in one aspect of digital marketing be it SEO, PPC, social among others. Over at the excellent, they have digital marketers specializing in all of these aspects hence they are the best place to go for all your digital marketing needs.

Another truth about digital marketing, one you should keep in mind going into 2020, is that it is important to focus on the right things, that is making money for you and especially your clients. This is the bottom line as per the gurus over at If you are to be successful in digital marketing in the current age, then you need to be absolutely focused on making money for your clients, and your strategies should reflect that. In digital marketing, it is easy to get distracted with certain things like impressions, followers, likes and so forth, and you find that you have dropped the ball. These metrics should just be guiding lights, but should never be the be all end all of it all. The focus should very much be on making money for your clients and giving them a return on their investment, that is what ultimately you will be judged on. Another truth about digital marketing is that you don’t necessarily have to be a math guru to thrive. While you will need to be good with numbers as a digital marketer, it is only so that you can be able to explain to clients how a certain strategy will make them money.

In digital marketing, most people get caught up in having to be up to date with the latest trends and techniques. The truth however is that, while this is important, it should never get in the way of you actually practicing and doing stuff. Going into 2020, don’t be all about learning stuff and reading, but focus on actually working and experimenting so that you can come up with new ways to solve problems, especially since digital marketing is all about solving problems. As per the gurus over at, at the end of the day, the basics of digital marketing have never changed. I mean, SEO is still mostly about keywords as engagement is still at the heart of social and so forth. Learn through practicing rather than theory, that is how you will be successful in 2020. Also, it is important as a digital marketing expert to always push the envelope and develop new ideas for your firm and clients. You should never be reactionary as a digital marketer, but should be proactive, something to keep in mind going into 2020.

Remember, if you are looking to find a job in 2020 as a digital marketer, there is more information on this and other related topics over at the excellent