The Truth About Pay Per Click Marketing: How to Find a Job in 2020

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The Truth About Pay Per Click Marketing: How to Find a Job in 2020

Many of us have heard about pay per click marketing, PPC, and if you haven’t, you can head over to the highly rated for a detailed write-up on the same. Just as a refresher, PPC is the form of digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads is clicked. In short, it enables advertisers to buy visits to their site through their ads, rather than looking to earn these visits organically. There are a number of forms of PPC, with search engine advertising being one of the most popular ones out there, as covered in detail over at Given how effective it can be when done properly in terms of ROIs for businesses, most of them are looking to leverage it in their digital marketing strategies. What this means is that PPC experts are among the most sort after digital marketers out there. If you are planning to go into PPC come 2020, there are a number of truths about it you should know, and that is where this article comes in.

One of the biggest truths about PPC marketing is that while many of the PPC networks are quite similar, all of them actually have some unique differences and therefore if you are to be successful as a PPC expert in 2020, you might want to pick one network and specialize in it, according to the subject matter experts over at If you want to be a master of your trade, then you won’t get there by being a jack of all trades and focusing on every network as far as PPC is concerned. You should decide if you want to focus on AdWords, Bing, Facebook ads or any other, and dedicate yourself to mastering the one you decide to go with. The gurus over at recommend that you pick one network and master it and once done, you can decide to master another if you so wish. This is better than knowing something about all of them without being a master of any of them. You are more likely to be attractive to clients this way and therefore you stand a better chance of being successful. Another truth about pay per click marketing is that soft skills are just as important as the hard, technical skills of the trade. Yes, you want to be good in math and have the skills and knowledge for analytics and data collection, but you also need to be a good communicator, problem solver as well as having good critical thinking skills as PPC is mostly about solving problems for clients. This is something to keep in mind going into 2020.

Just as is the case with the various pay per click marketing networks, another truth here is to also ensure that you are focusing on the right and most relevant metrics. There are so many stats and numbers as far as pay per click marketing is concerned, all of which are discussed in detail over at This means that in order to be successful, you will need to choose the ones that are important to you, based particularly on the network you have chosen to specialize in. There are of course 5 basic metrics that every PPC marketer should be tracking and be on top of and they include click-through rate, cost per conversion, quality score, cost per click as well as return on ad spend. These are the metrics that will form the basis in helping you determine if your campaign is successful or not. Having already mastered these metrics, then it is important to determine which other ones you need to be tracking, a skill you will need to master if you are to be successful in pay per click marketing come 2020.

Yet another truth as far as pay per click marketing is concerned is that taking note of what your competitors are doing is key if you are to be successful. Given that more and more people are looking to get into PPC, then it is no surprise that if you decide to become a pay per click expert in 2020, you will face stiff competition. Rather than viewing your competitors with suspicion, you can actually use them as a tool to improve yourself an become even better, as per the gurus over at In pay per click, data and information is everything, and if you have competitors, then you should view them as a great source of PPC information which you can use to improve yourself and your systems. Always look to study you competitors’ ads and see if you can learn something from how they create their ads. You also don’t have to learn from your own mistakes as you can learn from the mistakes and experiences of your competitors.

The above discussion, we hope, will be of great help to anyone out there looking to find a job in 2020 and are gravitating towards pay per click marketing, with there being more to be found on this and other subjects over at the excellent