Things to Get Done Labor Day Weekend



I decided to make a to do list for this weekend.  Since making a to do list is like doing it… right?  At the very least, making a list of things I’d like to accomplish helps organize the order and encourages me to do them… such as blogs.  Today, I’ll work on blogs and some coding.  It’s nice to have Monday off.  This weekend is more hectic than a regular weekend due to family and personal issues.  Oh and designing posters… since that’s up there in importance.  Time is never on your side… likely a nickleback lyric. I can’t believe I used to listen to them.  Such a long time ago.  In high school they were extremely popular.  I’ll spend some time on iTunes perusing for new study soundtracks.   Lastly, I need a haircut and new clothing.  And some anime stuff.  You can never have enough anime stuff.  As long as I stay off netflix and video games from this point on I should be okay in terms of time.

7 to 14 hobby videos.

8 marketing videos.

blogs… so many blogs.



airport send off


javascript learning


cooking for fun classes

fixing website

take google exams

make google exam study guides

Sales stuff

More safes stuff

social media

box openings (don’t ask)

paying bills

go to home depot to buy things

personal things

oh and i’m sure i’m forgetting a ton of other things.