Thirteen Marketing Strategies to Learn from Pokémon Go


Thirteen Marketing Strategies to Learn from Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality game, which came into the market just a few months ago, hitting the ground running with millions of downloads within its first month. Its on-screen entertainment and numerous platforms for interaction and communication made the game a major success in the market. So what has led to this entire craze?

Well, here are 13 marketing strategies behind this game’s success that every marketer should learn.

1.       Timing may be all you need to succeed

Nintendo released this game at its most opportune time, the summer. With kids on holiday, and with the long daytime giving parents an opportunity to play it after work, this was nothing short of perfect timing. This is what marketers need to consider the most. Creating the content is only half the way, proper timing of its release can turn out to be the most prudent move to make.

2.       Advertising is not the only way out

As advice, not the pop-ups nor spam can get the best of a potential market. Pokemon Go did none of this, and yet made it so far so fast than its preceding games. This states it clearly that if you have a good product, just let the word do the walking for you other than taking on costly advertising.

3.       Social media is here for you

When it comes to validation and authentication of a product, social media buzz comes in handy. Media marketing is clear about this; marketers should create communities and hype them to win more clients who will follow the trend this community will lay. Putting up the community may be a task, but its benefits are worth the efforts.

4.       An old strategy can still win the game

Having tried out a number of tricks over time, it is probable some of them have responded positively occasionally. These could be the next step you need to take again to rise a level above. See, although Pokémon has been around for well over two decades, the same old nostalgia of Pokémon cards has worked for it in Pokémon Go as a new frontier.

5.       Consider rewarding your customers

This sounds just simple and obvious, everyone likes rewards and these not only play a vital role in customer satisfaction but also keep them around for longer. Pokémon Go just embraced this trick by rewarding the games players with exclusive unlocks and further training which has got them going crazy.

6.       Make a new move after some time

With its tendency of keeping traditional, it would have been hard to imagine Pokémon going on a new tactic that would deal the world such a blow. This is by far one of the franchise best comeback moves, and the same can work positively for any marketer who braces the risk.

7.       Not every success is eternal

Pokémon Go is not the first hit the franchise ever made. However, such an advance cannot be permanent it fades away over time. Going back to the drawing board for the next step is what it takes to keep moving.

8.       Bridge the online world to the offline one

This is a basic of the Pokémon Go, using GPS to connect both worlds for the player. Marketers need to learn this secret and try connecting their strategies from both fronts to engage and convince their prospects.

9.       Size is not a determinant

The size of your enterprise matters little if not at all. Growth and success are what you make out of the few resources at your disposal and not the availability of the amount of the resources you need. Pokémon Go is not as big as its competitors or its success, but the satisfaction it has on the players has driven it to the top of the list.

10.   Engaged customers come back

Pokémon Go is not a product of overnight efforts; it has taken the franchise well over two decades to advance to this far. Social media today marketing states the necessity to take time and build up the energy you need to get you to the top as Pokémon have advanced step by step through the time.

11.   A brand name goes a long way
A brand name is fundamental all the way, for any success to be realized, you must first build a brand to reputable levels. Pokémon Go is enjoying the vast success thanks to previous achievements that has led Pokémon to the market and established it; anything to with it may have a glimpse if not a stare. For a marketer, building a brand name may take time to pay later, but handsomely.

12.   Turn the job into fun

Doing one thing repeatedly may lose the thrill it used to offer. However, as Proformablog advice, trying to turn the daily routine job into a fun-filled occupation may help break an ice. Pokémon has used what they have always done to make a profound impact on the market with this game.

13.   Success takes time

Success does not happen so fast; it takes time and efforts to mature a substantial achievement. Every marketer should learn this basic strategy of patience and keep the efforts in the course than expecting an overnight miracle. Although Pokémon Go has come so fast, it is a result of long time step-by-step advancements.

There you go, Pokémon Go has made its hit, and now you have some of the tactics that have made this massive success real. With these basic strategies, you can achieve tremendous milestones in marketing, surpassing long existent and dominant competitors so easily.