Thirteen Things Pokémon Go Will Teach you about Customers


Thirteen Things Pokémon Go Will Teach you about Customers

Understanding what customers really want, how one can draw their wide diversity close and how a one for all satisfaction strategy can work is never a cakewalk. Pokémon Go, having proved successful in the gaming world, has a lot that we can learn about the unchartered customer interests to a deeper better understanding.

Here are 13 essential lessons we can learn from the game, Pokémon Go.

1.       Customers can be quite conservative

Customers may seem as dynamic as the contemporary world, but this is quite distant from the truth. You will be amazed to realize just how a strategy that has come of ages can still attract customers’ attention. Customers are fond of keeping a trail of traditional tendencies. According to Mila, Pokémon Go has used this exact trick to win global customer attention.

2.       Customer gratification has a disguised opportunity

Be it in a small enterprise, a middle standard or big company, customers expect the very thing you are all about to feature in what you give forth. This game has come this far by living up to its potential customers’ expectations, the “good times,” you can call it play time.

3.       Innovation can change everything

As conservative as humans may subconsciously be, anything new still moves them significantly. Innovations have this tendency of attracting the attention of massive numbers of customers. Computer world states that such a move, having proved efficient for Pokémon Go, can work for anyone.

4.       Progress works wonders

Pokémon Go is a result of continuous efforts by the franchise over time. Its appreciation is a clear replica that customers will be more likely to follow your trace if you are developing and advancing. If you remain stagnated at one level, then chances of a possible future influx of customers are slim too.

5.       The talk keeps them coming

People tend to believe those close to them than anything else. If your content becomes the talk of the town or that of the world as Pokémon Go, then you even do not need to go for paid-for advertisements. You have the customers lining right at the doorway to your shop.

6.       Customer trust and loyalty go hand in hand

Pokémon has preceded a number of previous games, which had quite attracted and sustained customer flow to the franchise. The games success is in no doubt part of its precedents achievements. Keep the customers occupied and they will stay with you, even appreciating your future efforts better.

7.       Bringing them closer home win their interest

Customers love dealing with situations that relate almost directly to their daily life situations. Pokémon Go has brought this point with giving the players an opportunity to play within their surroundings, and they hit the streets with such craze. If you can bring customers something close to what they are used to, then you have their interest.

8.       Hypes can go a long way

Trends have the potential of winning the attention of many people almost at once. If well utilized, such opportunities lure customers and sustain interest over time. Pokémon Go has proved that such opportunities can pop up overnight and turn out to be great fortunes.

9.       Rewards are fundamental

No matter how we may disguise this reality, everyone craves reward in one way or the other. This trick has worked well for Pokémon Go, proving just how effective this customer trait can be. Be it a joke, a compliment or a token, anything that is a real thrill to customers with can suffice.

10.   Simplicity is the rule

Keeping everything simple is a great way to winning customers’ attention as well as retention. Many people are not enthralled with anything they will have to struggle to remain within the circles. Pokémon Go just went so simple such that the game’s players do not need any instruction manual or cheat sheet to get going, and this quite literally worked.

11.   Customers love reality

From games to the very basic life situations, people love seeing things in their reality form. Bring reality close home and you have them by your side, such seamless experience gets them carried away. Pokémon Go has made a huge success out of exploring this secret trait of the human nature and combining the virtual and reality world.

12.   A little tech can make a change

From a wide range of alternatives and modes; alternative currency, ease of use, human communication, and relation, Pokémon Go has outlined just how influential effective tech use can be in drawing customers close.

13.   Engagement counts

Human are fond of yearning the comforting company of the others, especially if it has a sense of playfulness. You do not have to be too funny; just be engaging, either with inbuilt imagery, messaging, text, videos, name them, and you have them. Sitepoint says that if it is entertaining, it has a guarantee of positive conversion and affection.

For small and large enterprises alike, understanding customers is a challenge. Pokémon Go has been a success and revealed some customer characters that have been undiscovered. Full understanding of these traits is essential in the content and product market to achieve a substantial success.