This Is Monday’s Blog



I’m going to try to predict as best I can the events for Monday.  I’m pitching a product presentation Monday at 10:30.  Then I’m working with developers to do things.  And then I’m going to the gym (I really hope this happens).  Sounds like a pretty wonderful Monday. Maybe I’ll even post an article in the google partners community.  And I will probably pass out right away after work.  I imagine some progress will be made with the actual product.  I’ll also go out to restaurant week.

These future posts are interesting because it hasn’t happened yet.  I’m sure when I get more practice they will be more detailed.  Haha… I should make a this is Tuesday blog.  Maybe I will…  Blogging is very relaxing.  I sit on a couch and write about whatever.  And no judgement.  And although it is Sunday… and in the previous blog I wrote about taking a nice relaxing Sunday off… I realized that I have a lot to do.  Tiger fangs and all. Where does all the time go…. it’s really a mystery.

Work on Powerpoint, make some more hobby videos, and see friends.  And  may be dinner plans.  And then back to the powerpoint which clearly needs work.  Or Mondays.. even on a Sunday they feel exhausting.