This Weekend was Eventful

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I like when my weekends are uneventful.  Normally with a combination of volunteering and tutoring.  This weekend I did not have much time.  I just set my alarm for 7:00 am tomorrow since there’s an important morning meeting I have to get to.  And yes, preparing for said meeting was what I was working on.

On one hand I shopped for food, did laundry, got my car registered, had dinner with a friend, cleaned my floors, washed the dishes, and briefly went to gym.  This is how eventful most weekends are (add a student and some time at an animal shelter).

However, this weekend I did a lot of research.  Sunday I researched for 4 movies (yes I count time in netflix movies).  I also produced by normal 14 videos and set up some social media.

This being said….  I feel a bit disappointed I didn’t do more this weekend.  I’ll be in PA visiting my sister, her new home, and her new puppy.  I could use the break.

I’m not stressed.  But I’m overly excited to the point I’m tired.  Anyways, I prepared as best as I can for Monday/Tuesday.  I’m going to watch another short episode on netflix and head to bed.  Life is awesome right now.  Lots of fun things to do.  I have enough thing to keep me busy for some time.