How to do Thought Leadership Marketing: The Tony Guo way


How to do Thought Leadership Marketing: The Tony Guo way      

Overview of Thought Leadership Marketing 

Thought Leadership Marketing is one of the unrivalled strategies that enable a brand to build a loyal customer base that not only relates but follows through with the creation of a bond. It is all about providing what a client needs at the exact moment when they need it which effectively satisfies the law of provision. It is significant in the sense that it offers a different route of online marketing when compared with other avenues since the focus is not on sales or advertisements but rather on the enhancement of brand perception.

The advantage that Thought Leadership Marketing has over other avenues is that it answers the questions clients have and its overall goal is to grow revenue. Thought Leadership Marketing has remarkable ROI mainly owing to the fact that it is able to offer the best impression of the company to the select audience which builds trust and consequent association. The overall input of Thought Leadership Marketing is the generation of best-in-class content that positions the company at the top of the respective industry in which it operates.

Thought Leadership Marketing involves the publishing of videos, content, research and original pieces regularly to impact the information that the target audience takes in. Potential clients to a business always take notice and industry players also appreciate the input provided which ensures the business is associated with insight and authority. This plays a great role when it comes to hiring since the company is able to rank at the top. The published ideas ensure a company is able to gain authority in the respective field and niche of business which leads to trusted recommendations. Content that resonates with what clients and industry players want is always welcome and it is what Thought Leadership Marketing leverages in building brands since the information is often viewed as organic and therefore more people opt to engage with it.

Benefits of Thought Leadership Marketing 

Generates sales and leads

Through the organic contact created, a business is able to generate sales and leads that benefit the business in the long haul. What mainly works to the favor of the business is the increased exposure and trust created which ultimately impacts decision-making of the prospective customers.

Attracting new talent

With Thought Leadership Marketing in play, it is possible to attract new talent to an organization since talented people are always willing to challenge themselves at the top level and hence always gravitate towards the industry leaders and organizations with well-known ideas. The authority that Thought Leadership Marketing provides ensures a business is able to master a grasp of the industry.

Less expensive than advertising

Thought Leadership Marketing is less expensive when considered against other mainstream marketing and advertising methods that focus on paid options and targeting avenues. Since it achieves the same goal of exposure and targeting as conventional advertising, being less expensive serves as a great advantage.

Press exposure

Worthy content is always revered and its author is highly regarded and these are the aspects that Thought Leadership Marketing leverages in facilitating press exposure. Perceived authority within the industry is always a welcome aspect that prospective clients target.

Long term benefit

Advertising offers an immediate and sometimes short-term benefit whereas Thought Leadership Marketing takes a while to pay off due to its gradual impact through cultivating trust and the element of association.

Business development opportunities

The main advantage that Thought Leadership Marketing provides is the establishment of a strong reputation that yields interest from partners and industry professionals including the leading companies which open avenues to business development opportunities.

How to do thought leadership 

The first step in Thought Leadership Marketing is aligning with client behavior and this involves understanding what the client is tuned to go for. With short, simple searches no longer the norm, long keywords and search intent are the aspects that have to be monitored when beginning Thought Leadership Marketing. The goal of Thought Leadership Marketing is to be less keyword oriented and more in focus on the natural language that clients use. The next step involves identifying select keywords and topic where you have authority and can provide value to the prospective clients of a business.

With the aforementioned facts in hand, the strategy is therefore to generate thought leadership content to cover the select keyword according to what the target audience would love to see, read, learn and experience. The key to maximizing the experience is identifying questions the audience would appreciate answers to and this is where a business should provide content that offers a strong opinion, unique style and point of view that will convince the target audience.

The Dos and Don’ts of Thought Leadership Marketing

Aim at showing and not selling since the target audience is always characterized as shunning the sales pitches but appreciate content that explains and provides valuable information. Focus on providing and not promoting; this is a major fault with most individuals trying out Thought Leadership Marketing as they gravitate towards promoting instead of providing value. Major points to note include targeting depth, providing analysis and focusing on a dialogue. The idea is to always interrupt a conversation but form a part of it where the target audience will benefit in the end. Doing Thought Leadership Marketing the Tony Guo way involves sharing value, becoming a resource and building rapport as opposed to selling, self-promotion or adopting a fake stance to trick the target audience.

In order to get the desired impact with Thought Leadership Marketing, the content generated must open with a fact which will set the stage for a compelling angle that is original and this is what will make the presentation actionable.

Identifying the impact of Thought Leadership Marketing 

It is not enough that you are running Thought Leadership Marketing since the impact must be assessed to identify whether the desired impact is being achieved. The steps to take with this is to therefore track the number of new visitors landing, track time spent on the content and following to see if they convert whether it is through filling a form, joining email list, downloading or calling the company.

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