Tiger Fangs Are So Fetch



I rank for the word Tiger Fangs.  SEO is weird.  But now I want this keyword, so that probably makes me even weirder.  Well, it’s time to sharpen them.  What are tiger fangs… I’m not sure.  For the purposes of this blog I’ll assume they are a desire to improve yourself in the field you are in.  I’ve always had this fire in my belly.  I had it in high school, college, law school, and at work.  “Tiger Fangs” is a keyword I intend to keep, at least in regards to Houston SEO.

I need to improve on somethings rather quickly.  Mainly as it relates to developing software and workable prototypes.  It’s rather exciting because it’s such a strange field… for me.  The only thing is a lack of a standard I can measure myself against.  I like bars… and going over them.  Not having a recognizable bar is strange.  I’ve pretty competitive when I want to be, so I enjoy having bars to jump over.

It’s 2:36am and I have another hour or so before I pass out of exhaustion.  I plan to learn some more PPC and write an article.  Writing articles take time.  Content generation is a tedious and an everyday activity.  As is video creation.  I was going to buy a new camera today, but I took a javascript course instead.  I want to get better at videography since it’s not a bad hobby to have.  At this moment it pays for itself.  If I save two months of YouTube money I can get a DSLR.  But it’s not easy saving YouTube money because I spend so lavishly on my the hobby my YouTube is about.

Oh and books… I have so many books.. to read.  And Youtube videos to make with study guide.  I could dedicate 12 hours everyday for the next year and still not get all the videos recorded and books read.  I guess I’ll save that for when things settle down.  If ever….  Better to be exhausted and have too much to do… then to be boring.