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Top 10 Amazon Prime shows of all time

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Top 10 Amazon Prime shows of all time

Amazon has emerged as one of the leading networks when it comes to captivating shows and content that speaks to what the target audience needs. Platforms including have gone on to review how Amazon has seen a meteoritic rise largely because of its wide array of shows. But what has ensured Amazon hit the heights that it enjoys at the moment? Well, some of the credit can be extended to the top 10 shows of all time that have aired on the network.


This is an outstanding legal drama that has an acute character drive which only serves to make people more hooked on it. This is a show that brings out varied aspects of the legal stance and tries to demystify what most people view as a complex legal field but as it is done in an engaging way, it becomes a captivating view.

The Man in the High Castle

Adapted from a 1960’s novel by Philip K. Dick, this show has an immersive storyline which is arguably what makes the show a darling for many. What people can expect is a range of complex characters, intrigue in the political setting and a strong presence when it comes to an alternative history thriller. You can look to to read more about this show and what makes it tick. 


This show has the awards to prove its dominance and brilliance which is a sign of its greatness. Being one of the best shows of all time, it has received wide acclaim and critics are on board mentioning it as having one of the intriguing storylines you can find. A look at what makes this show one of a kind will point towards the great writing and script development including the fact that it brings a new perspective to family narrative. 


This is a show ranked as one of the greatest TV shows ever created. It has everything you can ever look to find in a captivating show from suspense to drama and a whole lot of detective angles that simply bring life to its vast storyline. What’s more? has been categorical in appreciating its genius in terms of the flow with which it has been presented.

Hand of God

This psychological thriller had its best running commanding 20 episodes of pure fun and engagement. Few shows have been able to bring the viewing audience to the edge of the seat in terms of the thrill and the fun package one can expect which is what makes it a show to admire. 

Sneaky Pete

If you haven’t watched Sneaky Pete yet, then you are missing out on a bucket load of fun and thrilling adventure. This is hands down one of the most amazing shows of all time mainly owing to the charm that the show brings. It is simply amazing considering the way the show flows and the expert narrative in play. It brings to the fore the operations of a conman and magnify the concept of fun to a whole new level bringing humor to the relatable world. It is little wonder why the show has been named among the elite by and other renowned platforms. 


Few shows with the theme of political drama get to command a significant following including ranking as best of all time but this show has defied the odds to become a heavy-hitter. It fuses comedy and drama ensuring people get to have a taste of the dark, quirky yet funny side of politics. It covers everything from espionage, fragility to the offbeat humor. 

Red Oaks

It is a great and loved 80’s style comedy that has an outstanding sense of humor and fun. What has endeared people to this show is the fact that it combines humanity, realness and brings out the human aspect all in one setting. This is what is relatable to individuals and also what makes it a show to watch.

Mozart in the Jungle

This is comedy drama with a twist since it has contributions with an unorthodox theme setting that commands viewership. Its most significant achievement includes the varied awards to its name including one where its acclaimed as an outstanding mix of comedy and drama received during the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards. Added to this, the show has also received rave reviews from among other platforms that review shows with a keen eye. 

Alpha House

This is a show that has it theme around political satire and it is one that has commanded a huge following cementing its status as one of the best shows of all time to air on Amazon Prime. It exposes a new twist to what real life is all about in the world of politics which explains why it has made waves.