Top 10 Bars in Austin Texas in 2020

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Top 10 Bars in Austin Texas in 2020

As comes out in discussions on the same over at, the bar scene in Austin Texas is among the most vibrant anywhere. Whether you are looking for a place to partake in some craft beer, cocktails, among others, there is always something to cater to everyone’s tastes in the city. Given the many options out there, finding the best Austin has to offer as far as its bar scene goes is not always that easy, and you may end up having to kiss a lot of frogs before finding your prince. This article should therefore be a great resource as it will look to highlight the top 10 bars in Austin Texas in 2020.

The White Horse

One of the coolest bars in Austin Texas, it is one of the best places to go to for some dance and drink in the city. They have a small stage where live music is always playing every night. To add to the entertainment, they have pool tables as well as a photo booth. This is without mentioning the drinks which are perfectly mixed, especially the cocktails, and are as affordable as they come.

The Roosevelt Room

If you are looking for a chic place to go to and enjoy craft cocktails in Austin Texas, then the gurus over at recommend this gem of a bar. They have an excellent selection of cocktails, and the staff are all to happy to give you a guiding hand in selecting the ones you should try based on your preferences. Given its popularity, it is best that you make reservations in advance to avoid any disappointments.

Kitty Cohen

This patio bar, as per the folks over at, is for those looking for a feminine experience on their night out. The setting is excellent and consists of a backyard-like setting with some poolside sitting that will give you retro vibes. As far as drinks are concerned, they are as versatile as they come as they serve all sorts of drinks from cocktails to Texas beers, frozen rosé and so much more. Definitely worth checking out when in the city.

Nickel City

If you are looking for a spot in Austin Texas with a dive bar setting, then the subject matter experts over at recommend this one. They have excellent draft cocktails to choose from their extensive menu. Their cocktail menu is actually divided into various columns; a well0known column, lesser-known column as well as an unknown cocktails column. Other than cocktails, they also offer beer-and-a-shot combos, with there being a section exclusively devoted to this.


As is revealed in discussions on the same over at, this small bar is actually located inside a parking garage on Colorado Street, hence why its so named, we presume. It offers one of the most unique settings of any bar in Austin and is one you have to check out when in the city. They offer all sorts of drinks, all of which are excellently mixed and priced. We recommend that you try out their signature Apple and Vine, which is one of the best drinks in the city.

Weather Up

This is the place to go to in Austin Texas if you are looking for a bar that has a combination of East Coast and Southern vibes, as per the gurus over at This place is common among locals as well as visitors due to this very reason. The drinks are excellent as is the service and the fact that drinks usually come with crushed or hand-carved ice really adds to the experience.

Drink Well

One of the very best gastropubs in Austin Texas, as discussed over at, with excellent food, drink and service being the order of the day here. Their drinks menu is top notch and specializes in bringing together the best of Austin as far as beverages are concerned and adding their own unique twist to them. The dining experience is also top-of-the-line as you would expect of one of Austin’s premier gastropubs.

Firehouse Lounge

As per discussions over at, this excellent bar is set in what is actually Austin’s oldest fire station, built in around 1885. This brings with at a setting that is up there with the best in the city, what with its red walls and exposed wood. Here, you will find cocktails from around the world, with their menu containing both classics and seasonal cocktail offerings. It is definitely one of the very best bars in Austin Texas.

Seven Grand

This, as per the recommendations of the gurus over at, is one of the best whiskey bars in the city. It has an excellent setting with a great ambience that will have you feeling relaxed as you indulge in your drink. Other than their excellent whiskeys, they also have a great selection of cocktails and you can even shoot some pool over at their pool tables.

Midnight Cowboy

This is one of the most exclusive bars in Austin Texas, which is brought into sharper focus by the fact that it is a reservations-only bar. It is extremely luxurious from its tufted-leather booths to its amazing and unique ceiling and so much more. The cocktails here are among the very best in town, making use of Prohibition Era ingredients, and are as potent as they come.

Hopefully, the above discussion will help you find the bar you have been looking for, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at