Top 10 Houston Patent & Trademark Attorneys


Top 10 Houston Patent & Trademark Attorneys

Protecting ideas and creative innovations can only be handled by the seasoned patent and trademark attorneys that are equipped with the experience and professional approach to effectively represent the interests of a client. Houston boasts having among the best Intellectual Property lawyers that are expertly oriented to handle trademark and patent matters.

Mary-Olga Lovett

Licensed since 1994, Lovett is ranked among the best IP rights lawyers. She has successfully represented varied clients from government, private entities to individual personalities. She is licensed to practice in both State and Federal courts and has been selected to the Houston Super Lawyers league consecutively from 2005 through to 2016. In 2004, she was selected to the Houston Rising Stars which is a ranking that celebrates competent and result oriented attorneys.

William Ramey

William has been licensed in Houston for the past 15 years and is an experienced attorney competent in obtaining, licensing and enforcing trademarks and patents. He has a unique approach when it comes to defending trade secrets and copyrights. Ramey searches for alternate paths to Intellectual property and performs due diligence to ensure negotiations and contracts are in favor of his clients.

Paul Dazinger

As the lead attorney at Dazinger & Llano Attorneys, Paul is an experienced professional in the protection of trademarks and trade secrets. He has held his license for 22 years and has served the Houston area diligently with his undoubted ability in negotiating and drafting contracts on licensing of trademarks.

Anita Barksdale

Inventors, artists and developers who have unique ideas can call onto the expertise of Anita in protecting their genius creations. She has represented non-profit and private clients for over 10 years and is a respected attorney with pedigree in defending patents and trademarks.

Tom Warden

Tom is aggressive when it comes to copyright enforcement and diligently handles the coordination of litigation processes. As the lead lawyer at Conley Rose, he has unmatched experience in Intellectual Property Rights and is the right professional to approach with IP disputes.

Elizabeth W. King

Trademark protection and enforcement are niches where the expertise Elizabeth holds becomes crucial. With a career practice spanning over 20 years, she has a broad approach when it comes to Intellectual Property and works closely with clients to get the best settlement. She is ranked among the Top 250 Female Trademark and Patent Attorneys in the US with special recognition for her IP rights strategies.

Paul C. Van Slyke

Clients looking for an attorney experienced in technology law and Intellectual property rights can target Paul C. Van Slyke as he is a senior counsel who has handled multiple cases involving trademarks and patents. He has enormous experience and expertise in defending and negotiating Intellectual Property rights which makes him a valuable asset in litigation.

Alisa A. Lipski

Alisa is among the top rated IP attorneys that have been licensed by the United States Patent and Trademark Organization. She is an inspired lawyer with an extensive understanding of pre-suit investigations and licensing discussions. Alisa has represented clients with infringement contentions since 2003.

Charles Vethan

Consumer and Intellectual Property law are areas in which Charles Vethan thrives. Being the lead attorney at Vethan Law Firm, he has saved and recovered billions in infringement and trademark license violation cases. His strengths are in listening to clients and structuring winning strategies for trademark and patent cases.

Trang Tran

Tran has held his license for over 20 years and has offered Houston residents with unrivaled representation over the years. He is knowledgeable in trademark and patent law and specializes in protection against infringement of licenses.