Top 10 Houston Patent & Trademark Law Firms


Top 10 Houston Patent & Trademark Law Firms

Infringement on patents and trademarks is a major setback for businesses as it translates to lost revenue on the part of the legal holder of the Intellectual Property. Guarding against the infringements including the successful application of new patents and trademarks is a task best served by the experienced professionals in the industry and this is where IP law firms come into play. In Houston, the top 10 firms to target with matters pertaining to patents and trademarks include:


Experienced in litigation and licensing of Intellectual Property, they specialize in legal protection and negotiations for damages owing to infringement. They are the premier firm in Houston that offers effective branding strategy including options and procedures for application of trademarks and patents.

Will Denham & Associates

Trademark monitoring, licensing and trade secret protection is their specialty. They have extensive ability when it comes to copyright protection and business law including negotiating for settlements involving Intellectual Property assets.

Norton Rose Fulbright

An outstanding business law firm in Houston, they offer quality service with trademark and patent applications coupled with defending already issued licenses. They have dedicated lawyers who are experienced and with unrivaled expertise in the different niches of business which gives the client the edge in having experienced representation.

Eldredge Law Firm

Experienced in handling cases involving legal infringement on patents and trademarks for businesses and corporates, they are aggressive in litigation and appeals. They can provide risk analysis with their extensive patent practice to ensure client satisfaction.

Mayer Brown LLP

With patent agents to call on at any time of asking, they offer clients the regulatory considerations to consider including the options for IP asset growth. They offer assessment opportunities in trademark and patent development with a powerful representation in litigation and appeal situations.

Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig

Settling infringement cases and offering a channel for patent clearance is their specialty. They have a structured legal Intellectual Property protection platform that is perfect for corporations and individual entities alike.

Buche & Associates

Effective trademark transaction and litigation is what clients can expect with added focus on invention development which is instrumental in protecting the core function of a patent. They aid clients acquire and enforce their rights to trademarks and patents.

Blank Rome LLP

Fully integrated coverage of trademark and patent matters is what clients can expect. Serving both public and private entities, their Intellectual Property and litigation experience is top notch. They have experienced lawyers with decades of combined experience which is effective in gaining a foothold in the trademark and patent industry.

Elliott Law Firm

Represent industry leaders through providing expert legal counsel and negotiating settlements for cases involving infringement on patent and trademark rights. They are experienced in preparing patents and registering trademarks including monitoring any infringements to filed licenses.

Kerr, Hendershot & Cannon

Experienced in filing trademark and patent requests and defending already issued rights to Intellectual Property. They are on the distinguished list of competent law firms in the niche of patent law. They have an active team of attorneys and advisors who have extensive knowledge and experience to represent clients of all magnitudes ranging from individuals to large corporations.

When tracing seasoned attorneys in Houston that are experienced in trademark and patent law, these law firms will offer unmatched resources with focused representation that will ensure successful application and protection of all Intellectual Property.