Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Learn Code


Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Learn Code 

Slowly, the millennial generation is taking over the world. They are becoming the point of reference and are replacing generation X and boomers by taking up administrative roles all over the world. Born in the wake of computer technology and automation era, they have reshaped how the world operates. With the incorporation of technology and automation into literally everything they are doing today, one skill that has become almost a necessity for the millennials has got to be coding and programming. With an explosion of in web and mobile technology, coding; which underpins all the working of the various programs and application has become a must have skill for we the millennials. Here are the top reasons Millennials should learn code and embrace it;

1. Code gives you invincible power

Once you learn code, you get a feeling of invincibility. Code might seem or sound like an insurmountable challenge but once you dedicate enough time and are able to write a few lines of code, you get a powerful feeling not just in terms of programming but in life generally. It will boost your confidence and the way you face your challenges.

2. Code boosts your creativity 

Learning and mastering code opens up your view of the world. It boosts your imagination and makes you think divergent in-order to come up with alternative solutions to the problems and challenges you face. The ability to write codes and programs to achieve various tasks makes you more creative and effective even in real life. Creativity is a trait that we millennials need to have in-order to compete successfully in this ever changing job market.

3. Code boosts your self-discipline 

Learning code takes time and lots of sacrifice. The challenges you face along the way together with the small victories of coming up with working lines of code shape you to be a better person in terms of discipline. Scheduling the little time you have to learn and code give you the ability to manage your time properly and you will realize that even when asked to do other tasks in real life you will manage them with ease.

4. Learning code makes life easier 

As you will realize, the primary role of code other than be the root of how programs work, is to make life easier. Tasks which would otherwise take hours to be carried out can be automated and achieved in minutes thanks to code. You can achieve calculations and other complex repetitive tasks by simply writing a functional code.

5. Code is fun

Millennials are fun loving people. Unlike their baby boomer predecessors, millennials are out going and love exploring in search of adventure. There is no better way to channel your love for adventure than by embracing code. There is literally no limitation to what you can do once you master the craft of code. It is fun writing lines of code which will work.

6. Code is a source of income

The levels of unemployment especially among the millennials is at its all-time highest. This calls for the millennials to diversify the way they look for job opportunities. Coding is a good alternative and you can make quite an amount by writing codes and programs for people who need them. There are lots of people online and around who want to get tailor-made websites and applications and if one can code then he/she can make some money out of such people.

7. Code is easy to learn 

Most people especially the young millennials think that code is an extremely complex task that needs you to have a degree in computer science or some advanced robotics in order to accomplish. In real sense, code is so basic and you just have to master the new coding language and a few variables together with operators here and there and you are good to go.

8. Code helps you get the big picture

Look, the world is going digital. The digital switch means that in future everything will be automated and you don’t want to be left behind. Embracing code makes you be in tune with the technological advancements and get the bigger picture.

9. Code gives you freedom

A key characteristic of the millennials is that they are a free generation and that they don’t like to be commanded. They prefer to work under minimal supervision and nothing gives you the freedom you want better than code. Want to make your own application? No worries you will write your own code. Want to make your own website? No problem, code gives you the ability.

10. Code gives you an upper hand advantage when applying for jobs

As a millennial, you should know that when seeking employment, code will give you an added advantage over your fellow applicants and you will be considered with ease. Every company looks for someone that can help solve more than one problem in their company. Learning code makes you a favorite target for many employers. We all would like to have a n advantage always, don’t we? Embrace code today!