Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Learn Pay Per Click


Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Learn Pay Per Click

Millennials, who are consumers born between the years of 1980 and 2005, have been known in the marketing world as being the largest adopters of ad blocking software and have cleared more of their search engine results of paid advertisements than any other group. Especially since they’ve been slated to begin spending in excess of $200 billion by the year of 2017. It’s been further revealed that ad blocking software is an element of declining or basically decreasing click through rates. What this means is that PPC advertisers will have to make some type shift in their advertising strategies if they intend to reach the Millennials.

This trend is very alarming to the PPC and paid marketing research specialists, as well as to Google. It even got to the point where some editors have banned readers with blocking software from entering their sites.

Since it appears that PCC advertising strategies are here to stay, the millenniums, although resistant at times, should begin thinking about adapting to the PCC advertising methods. Below are some of the top 10 reasons why millennials should let down their guards and learn to participate in pay per click:

1.   They could receive marketing messages tailored specifically to their demographic segment.

2.   They could prove to marketers that they’re loyal customers by responding to their PCC ads.

3.   PPC would be another way for them to become reachable

4.   PPC ads could direct the millennial’s to other relevant content

5.   PPC ads could be used to drive traffic, (who in this case would be the millennials) to market specific loyalty programs.

6.   Receive advertisements based on previous online searches that were made.

7.   Since, according to Nielsen, More than 85% of the millennials own smartphones, they can be reached directly with targeted ads.

8.   Since 84% of millennials don’t care for or trust traditional advertising according to Hubspot, they could place themselves in a position to have advertisers come to them with ads based on companies that give them a particular reason to respond.

9.   Because of their behavior and trends, any PPC ad that’s been developed for them would have to have been prepared after much research has first gone into the ad. This is an indicator that the advertisers took great care in making an attempt to reach them.

10.    The millennials should take advantage of all major marketing efforts across the social media platforms to ensure that they are fully engaged with the producers of the products and services that they care about the most.

By and large, the millennial’s can become a part of the overall sales process along with the sales conversion statistics, which provides very useful information to advertisers and business owners. Pay per click ads may have gotten some resistance because they appear intrusive, however, it allows them to share the marketing experience that has been developed specifically to reach them based on their spending habits, core values, and trends.

Another great thing about participating in pay per click ad campaigns is that, as a targeted customer, you can be reached by marketers who has developed the right ad and launched it at the right time, all with the millennial’s in mind. In fact, when PPC is done right, ads can also be launched at specific times throughout the day. And this is something worth being a part of.