Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Learn Search Engine Optimization


Top 10 Reasons Millennials Should Learn Search Engine Optimization 

Millennials are often described as “the microwave generation”. Often dreaming big and wanting instant realisation of said dreams, millennials are the internet generation. Fortunes and legacies are built on the internet. One of the greatest tools to help in wielding the great might of the internet is search engine optimisation. Here are a few reasons why you as a millennial need to learn search engine optimisation.

Best Return On Investment (ROI)

Optimising your website and web presence targets traffic that is actually looking for whatever your product is. However you have defined your target audience or client, optimising your site makes you available in their searches. This ensures whatever resources you pour into optimising, returns manifold in the form of traffic and clientele.

Higher ranking on Web Searches

It is common knowledge that people do not scroll beyond the second page of search results and rarely even do they bother with other pages if what they need is on the first page of their search results.

Discovering new markets and audiences

The best thing about the internet is its ability to tie together users from diverse backgrounds with one common thread. This is where search engine optimisation comes in. When done properly, it helps your rankings and your reach to new people who are looking for what you are providing.

Create Brand awareness

For most millennials, a brand does not exist or loses credibility if it does not have an immediate online footprint. Anytime one has to search too hard or long for a brands web presence, then the brand is automatically losing face and possibly customers. Search engine optimisation makes brands more visible by improving their rankings and traffic.

Organic Marketing

In this information age, most markets experience fatigue when it comes to intrusive ads. In fact studies show that a majority of internet users do not trust intrusive adverts. What search engine optimisation gives you is an organic way of pushing your product by using your clients’ own web activity to your advantage and tapping into paths that they would travel anyway.

Building a social media following

Social media is one of the modern places where a loyal audience can be created. By having a solid social media presence, millennials often find that it is easy to be influencers in their field. Optimising your site for search engines makes it better for social media presence as people will visit and share your page more often. This will mean more social media followers. It is a self feeding cycle.

Search Engines will crawl your site with ease

For search engines, the more the pages of a web site are visible, the more frequently it will list the web site in search results. Search engine optimisation avails the necessary information to search engines to list your site.

Make you web site user friendly

For on the move millennials, there is no time to spend on a website that is difficult to navigate. Your client or audience will move on as soon as they realise that your site is not user friendly. By making your website easier for search engines, SEO also makes your site easier for your users.

Create a browser friendly site

It is very irritating to click through a link and find that the site does not agree with your browser. If done properly, SEO makes your web site compatible with all browsers.

Content Engagement and Management

Learning how to do SEO properly, forces you to create quality content on your site as search engines flag spam content. It also forces you to interlink your content which works towards making you more visible.

Take the time to learn the ABC’s of search engine optimisation.